Over 2500 households to benefit from upgraded water treatment plant at Eccles

More than 2500 households in Eccles and surrounding areas on the East Bank of Demerara will soon benefit from an improved quality of water.

GWI’s Executive Director of Operations, Dwayne Shako stands beside one of the filters which were modified

This is as a result of ongoing water quality improvement works at the Eccles Water Treatment Plant, which serves residents of Eccles, Bagotstown, Republic Park, Nandy Park, Republic Gardens and Windsor Estate.
Guyana Water Inc (GWI) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shaik Baksh and a technical team visited the facility on Thursday to assess the improvements to the aged filtration system which was out of operation for the past three years.
The filters are being modified to facilitate the introduction of manganese dioxide filter media, which has better iron removal efficiency and an improved hydraulic filtration rate than the silica sand media of the traditional treatment process.
This re-engineering of the existing treatment process is being executed by GWI’s in-house technical team.