Over 350 dengue cases recorded in Region 6 for May

The Regional Health Department in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) said that no new cases of dengue were recorded in the region over the holiday weekend.
According to Regional Health Officer (RHO), Dr Vishalya Sharma, despite no new cases being recorded over the weekend, the region has recorded 374 positive dengue cases so far for the month of May.
On Tuesday, the RHO said the places of interest based on the last reported cases were Adelphi, Goed Bananen Land and Reliance in East Canje along with Sandvoort in West Canje and Sisters and Heatburn on the East bank of Berbice.
Additionally, Vrymans Erven and Smythfield in New Amsterdam along with Sheet Anchor were also listed as places of interest.
Only recently seven students housed at the Port Mourant Training Centre (PMTC), Hostel tested positive for dengue.
This was after two students collapsed and had to be hospitalised earlier in the month.
The parents of one of the students were not informed of the situation by neither the school nor the hospital. After being at the medical facility for two days, a nurse who recognised the student called his mother and informed her of the situation.
Six other students who complained of feeling unwell were also tested positive for the mosquito-borne disease.
However, in light of the development, students were all sent home on Friday. Students were told to return on Tuesday. According to one student, the campus is infested with mosquitoes.
According to a source close to the Regional Health department the area surrounding the hostel and other sections of the community were fogged out but the blood-sucking insects were visible again a few days after.
The source said the hostel and by extension will remain closed until the area is sanitized of mosquitoes.
That process has commenced. (G4)