Panthera Solutions co-sponsors mobile grass cutter for RHTY&SC

RHTY&SC Organizing Secretary Robby Kissoonlall received the cheque from a representative of Panthera Solutions

The sterling effort of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club to improve facilities at the Area H Ground in Rose Hall Town on Friday last received a major boast from long time sponsor Panthera Solutions.
The company, a joint venture between RHTY&SC’s longest serving sponsor, Farfan and Mendes Ltd, and the Crosbie Group of Canada, handed over a donation of $350,000 to the club’s organizing secretary/ cricket Manager Robby Kissoonlall at a simple presentation ceremony at its Head Office at Providence, East Bank Demerara.
Club Secretary Hilbert Foster has said the club had been hopeful of receiving a mobile grass cutter from the relevant authorities, but decided to obtain its own after waiting hopefully for years. The mobile grass cutter, which costs $850,000 would be purchased before the end of June.

Imran Shaffeeullah handing over donation to RHTY&SC Secretary Hilbert Foster

Foster has expressed gratitude to the management and staff of Panthera for their assistance, and has disclosed that another friend of the club, Dr. Frank Denbow, a US-based Guyanese medical doctor, is the other person involved in donating the mobile grass cutter.
Foster has said that, since its formation in 1990, the club has led in efforts to transform the ground from a swampland into a suitable sporting venue. Among the facilities at the ground are three pavilions, two cricket sides creek, scoreboard, concrete practice pitch, internal fence, sanitary washrooms, all-weather court, while the ground has also been fenced.
The club, over the last few years, has also been involved in planting suitable grass on the once-barren outfield, part of which has recently been upgraded via the Government of Guyana Ground Enhancement Program spearheaded by Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo and Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh.
Foster has expressed gratitude to Panthera Solutions for the assistance, especially to executives Anderas Dinsdale, Ray McLean and Farfan and Mendes Ltd General Manager Andrew Mendes.
Mendes, in remarks, congratulated the RHTY&SC for its outstanding work over the years and expressed an interest in the company supporting the club’s Say No to Drugs and Alcohol program. Under this program, the RHTY&SC encourages youths to avoid the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco.
The two entities would soon sit down to work out the necessary details. Cricket manager Robby Kissoonlall has said the club would undertake to properly manage the ground for practice sessions and matches played under the Berbice Cricket Board.
Prominent businessman Imran Shaffeeullah from the Upper Corentyne has also donated $100,000 to the club, and this donation would enable the RHTY&SC to put in about 400ft of 1×8 boundary boards around the Area H ground.
Kissoonlall has expressed gratitude to Shaffeeullah for the assistance, and the businessman has said he is very delighted to assist, as he has been very impressed with the work of the RHTY&SC which has won a total of 121 tournaments in Berbice Cricket since 1992, and has produce 122 players for Berbice, Guyana, West Indies and USA combined.
Among the players emerging from the Area H ground are Assad Fudadin, Royston Crandon, Esaun Crandon, Shaun Grant, Delbert Hicks, Eon Hooper, Clinton Pestano, Kevin Sinclair, Sylus Tyndall, Kevlon Anderson, Junior Sinclair, Jonathan Rampersaud, Matthew Pottaya, Shemaine Campbell, Plaffiana Millington, Erva Giddings, Sheneta Grimmond, and Shabiki Gajnabi.