PM urges workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19

Prime Minister Mark Phillips and his wife, Mignon Bowen Phillips after taking their jabs in March

Prime Minister and Coordinator of the National COVID-19 Task Force, Mark Phillips made a special appeal to workers in both the private and public sectors to get inoculated against the deadly virus.
The Prime Minister and his wife, Mignon Bowen Phillips were among the first to take the jabs when the Health Ministry commenced the vaccination process for members of the public 60-years-and-older in March.
The Prime Minister stated that taking the vaccine as quickly as possible will not only protect yourself but your loved ones also.
“Although COVID-19 vaccination is not mandatory, it has been proven as the best method in the fight against this novel disease. Unfortunately, too many Guyanese have died while vaccines are available,” Phillips noted.
Further, he added that as a Government, they are taking the occupational safety and health of all workers seriously.
In a correspondence to the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) dated June 4, 2021, the Prime Minister advised the trade union to encourage all public servants to get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity.
This letter was dispatched after GPSU would have written to him regarding the safety of workers during the pandemic.
“I responded to the 1st Vice President of the GPSU, Ms Dawn Gardner, saying, ‘we are now in phase two of our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in Guyana. I am requesting that the Guyana Public Service Union encourage all public servants to take the vaccine at the earliest opportunity.”
It is equally important that Private Sector employees protect themselves also, he posited.
Thus far, 45.4 per cent of the Guyanese population have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Some 18.1 per cent of adults are fully vaccinated. This number is expected to go up as more persons come forward to take their final shot.
“Vaccinating the Guyanese population will save lives, and it remains my Government’s number one priority in these trying times. As the Government pushes to achieve herd immunity within the fastest possible time, it is imperative that more persons come forward to get immunised against the virus.”
The Prime Minister reiterated that the process is simple, and as such encouraged everyone to take the guidance of the professionals within the Health Ministry and not be influenced by fear or rumours emanating from anti-vaccination campaigns.
“As a Government, we will continue to try our utmost to ensure that vaccines are available for the country’s entire adult population, and I appeal to you, play your part and please take the vaccine. A pandemic, just like a disaster, brings challenges and disruption to the development process; however, you have chosen a caring Government that will be with you throughout this time,” the Prime Minister added.
To date, over 220,000 persons would have received their first dose and another 80,000, the second dose.