Police to digitalise payment systems

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) has announced that soon payments to the organisation will be done electronically and via smart applications.

Finance Officer, Assistant
Superintendent Bharat

Finance Officer, Assistant Superintendent Bharat Persaud on Wednesday explained that digitalising the Finance Department would not only reduce incidents of file misplacement, but also would reduce the officers’ workload.
“We are currently training our staff in modern accounting programmes so that we will be able to be on par with the business sector in terms of being up to date with accounting software and the necessary technologies,” he said.
So far, the Finance Officer said the Force has about 20 officers engaging in programmes that would aid in the transition of the system.
“Zara has also donated to us 10 computers to aid us in having our system computerised so that we will be able to eliminate that amount of paper kind of work… In keeping with the Government accounting system, it is not amended in terms of technology, so we still have to take the hard copies of those vouchers and records,” he said.
Moving forward with the Force’s modernisation, Persaud said they have engaged with the various banks and GTT, where they formulate under the Government services.
“…the process is a start… we will look at how it works and we will take our other services gradually as we go on,” he said.
Following the massive fire that devoured the Brickdam Police Station along with a plethora of case files, the Government had announced plans to fully digitise all records of the Police Force in the country.
Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall had said that documents were handwritten and that had to stop.
“We will soon donate to the Police Force a large complement of computers and printers, with the express intention that they are to be used for the typing of statements which are to be used as the basis for prosecution in the courts across this country,” he had said.