PPP/C must be praised for reintroducing school vouchers

Dear Editor,
On behalf of the thousands of Guyanese who can now breathe a breath of fresh air, I would like to thank the PPP Government for correcting this wrong that the APNU+AFC Coalition Government had done to the very poor and middle-class people of this country by cutting the School Voucher Assistance programme.
This move, of cutting the programme from the Education Ministry, still makes my blood boil, as it was the struggling families that were hurt the most, who wanted to safeguard their children’s education by sending them to school, regardless of the sometimes stressful and challenging environment.
I heard the APNU+AFC say it was political in nature, because only supporters of the PPP were benefiting. That is rubbish and foolishness. Everybody who wanted, or was eligible for the cash grant, was given same, regardless of their race or religion.
The reintroduction of the School Voucher Programme this year will be especially special, because of COVID-19 pandemic, which is still eating away at all of the gains made in education.

This programme is good for Guyana, and is a ray of hope for many, as the grants are aimed at providing support to parents and increasing their disposable income, while in turn increasing enrollment and attendance rates in schools.
This initiative, I understand, was the first of its kind in the Caribbean Region. The grants are expected to provide relief for approximately 187,000 students in the system, and are therefore expected to channel a $1.87 billion allocation.
I hope that with the likelihood of the budget being presented on Friday, the Government would increase the voucher programme substantially, thereby honouring its promise.
I want to implore the Government to continue being a government that cares for its citizens. Do not take taxes away from your citizens and not give them directly something to help those struggling families to make ends meet. The distribution of wealth works better with tangible benefits of good management that flow from the public purse.

Alvin Hamilton