President Ali & PM Phillips have put duty to country above self

Dear Editor,
If there is any doubt in anyone’s mind in Guyana or in the diaspora about the leadership qualities of President Dr Irfaan Ali and Prime Minister Brigadier Mark Phillips to develop the country and unify and improve the lives of the people, especially the poor, then it should be laid to rest. These men are, beyond a shadow of doubt, the best leaders the country has ever had, and the people could not have asked for better leaders. They have put duty to country above self, politics, and partisanship.
The transition of Prime Minister Mark Phillips from being the Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) to becoming the Prime Minister of Guyana has been seamless and remarkable. Three years ago, he was not involved in politics, party or otherwise, but he has since not only become a proven and enduring leader, but has also demonstrated to the nation that he has the political acumen and wherewithal to heal the racial divide between the two major races and move the country forward.
His progression seems natural and real, especially since he has risen to the occasion, accepted his responsibilities, and has so far performed his duties superbly and nobly. He is a team player who believes in collaboration and compromise, and has supported His Excellency in every way possible.
As the Head of State, President Dr. Ali’s fearless and dynamic leadership at the regional and international levels has catapulted Guyana into global leadership in the areas of food security, energy security, climate change, agriculture production, fair and balanced trade practices, and the sharing of technology by the developed to the less developed countries.
Prior to taking office in 2020, Guyana was barely recognized or known as a country by the developed countries of North America and Western Europe, but three years later, and with huge oil reserves and massive foreign investments by several American oil conglomerates, President Dr. Ali has transformed Guyana into one of the most recognized and respected countries in the Caribbean and the wider world.
This is exemplified by the recent US State Department’s invitation to President Dr. Ali to visit Washington, DC, and the subsequent visit to Guyana by the Secretary of State and other heads of states. Not to mention the State visit to Guyana, on September 12, of his Highness Sheikh Tamam Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar. These events suggest that Guyana is not only recognized by the Western developed countries, but also by the Middle Eastern nations.
Dr. Ali’s robust and spirited leadership has provided sound guidance to the leaders of the Caribbean on several regional issues, including the reduction of the region’s huge food imports, agricultural production, free trade, migration; and, most of all, human development. Today, Dr. Ali’s influence has grown considerably, and has, for the first time in the country’s history, propelled Guyana to international status, as he proclaimed Guyana’s neutrality, respect for international law, human rights, and the media, which is considered the Fourth Estate.
President Dr. Ali has called for international cooperation, the sharing of global wealth, harmony, and an end to armed conflict.
Most of the leaders of the Caribbean and South America, as well as those from the developed countries, including the United States, have shown tremendous respect and trust for President Dr. Ali’s leadership. They have commended him for his strong leadership and dedication towards climate change, energy, food security, and agricultural development, all of which have existential economic, political and social outcomes for all nations, especially underdeveloped ones.
Dr. Ali’s “One Guyana” initiative is indicative of his passion and genuineness to put the country and its people first. It is a groundbreaking concept with many imperatives, including uniting the people and ending the racial divide between Indo- and Afro-Guyanese that started more than six decades ago due to political self-interest. It is also aimed at improving the living conditions of the poor and needy, and making Guyana prosperous so that all, regardless of race, ethnicity or political affiliation, share in the prosperity.
Despite some natural and man-made disasters, Guyana has undoubtedly had an amazing three years with President Dr. Ali and Prime Minister Mark Phillips at the helm. Today, the country has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with a GDP hovering at around 43 per cent, and is considered one of the major oil producers. Such rapid economic growth and development have placed Guyana on an upward economic path never seen or experienced by previous Governments or generations.
In a few days, President Dr. Ali will address the United Nations, and we are almost certain that he would issue a call to all the leaders of the more than 150 countries to combat climate change, which has hamstrung the economies and well-being of the peoples in the developing countries. We also expect him to highlight Guyana’s steadfast support for food security, climate preservation, fair and balanced trade policies, and respect for the freedom and rights of all people to live in dignity in the pursuit of their prosperity and happiness.

Asquith Rose