President Ali wants Guyana to enjoy more peace, progress, prosperity and happiness in 2023

Dear Editor,
We welcome the last day of the memorable year 2022, a year in which Guyanese experienced peace, progress, and prosperity carefully engineered by the indomitable President Dr Mohammed Irfaan Ali, his hard-working Ministers, and the staff (some?) of the various Ministries and other Government agencies.
After the biggest National Budget of $552.9 billion (plus a $44.8 billion supplementary) was presented by the PPP/C Government and approved by Parliament, there was no turning back, but sleepless nights were spent toiling upwards throughout the year, working assiduously and tirelessly for the benefit of all Guyanese: equitably, justifiably and favourably; and in the interest of the nation economically, politically and socially.
The PPP/C Government continued to pursue their safe, sane and sober election 2020 manifesto, wisely implementing and plausibly executing their agenda while convincingly achieving consequential success to honour the Party’s pellucid promises. All these historical achievements are unambiguously recorded in the manifestation of Guyana being accepted, acknowledged, and accorded globally as the fastest-growing nation per capita.
The Private Sector remains a pivotal partner in supplying goods and services, and also cements a close working relationship in this rich, thriving story, affording a unique opportunity for the longest while, to augment the PPP/C Government’s development programme in a closely knitted and supportive cause, wholeheartedly and with the least reservation.
The nation’s prosperity is translated via numerous arteries. Under the PPP/C Government’s governance, Guyana’s 2022 GDP growth is anticipated by the IMF to reach 57.8%, and 47.9% as predicted by the World Bank. In contrast, the former PNC Government had driven the economy to a state of bankruptcy during both periods they were in dictatorial power, and the country was classified as the poorest in the Caribbean, next to Haiti!
World Data.Com now rates Guyana as the 60th in the list of richest countries. According to the IMF, Latin America and the Caribbean will see a 3.5% growth in 2022.
The PPP/C Government’s prudent stewardship is a major contributing factor towards this unsurpassable achievement, while managing an 800,000-person population boosted by off-shore oil discoveries and the production and marketing of the country’s natural resources. Local content suppliers for the procurement of goods and services are revelling in billions of dollars in sales due to the oil and gas sector. Some $38 billion was budgeted to enhance the massive agriculture drive, whereby Guyana is again infused as the ‘food basket’ for the Caribbean, and reducing food importation while preventing the ‘Dutch Disease’ syndrome.
Guyana’s fantastic housing allocation has surpassed its 10,000-mark for the year, almost doubling what the PNC Government barely scraped for 5 years (2015-2020). Trading Economics revealed that under the fearful days of the PNC’s 2020 (partial) rule, tourism was reduced to a mere 86.4K. Total arrivals in 2022 is expected to top 370K, reflecting a global confidence in the current Government and reaction to the proud marketing strategies enhancing Guyana as a visitors’ paradise.
The unbelievable and humungous projects undertaken for the transformational infrastructure to landscape a new and modern Guyana portrait provide tremendous employment opportunities for Guyanese and an outlook to present Guyana with an international status quo.
The making and repairing of streets, roads, highways, bridges, airports, schools, hospitals, Police stations, office buildings, housing schemes, welfare centres, playgrounds, sports complexes, markets and other buildings are just a few examples Guyanese will witness to upgrade their living status.
Recapping the year’s conventional performances by this Government is not the motive of this letter, but to recall, on a tangent, a portion to substantiate this projection.
The people of Guyana perceive the progress of the PPP/C Government by using various measuring rods through a telescope of progression with a microscopic lens. Meticulous perception is not estranged in a Guyanese context, but the PPP/C Government has holistically and honestly satisfied all the enquiries and removed all doubts by clearing all hurdles. From the inception of the year, all PNC’s cumbersome VAT taxes were removed to lessen Guyanese cost of living, followed by reducing the cost of fuel.
The scores of grants given to the public include flood relief, free fertilizer, financial increase for school children’s uniforms, GOAL scholarships, financing dialysis patients, free hearing aids, waiver of medical expenses (this year, 1,000 plus people received some $292 million in financial assistance), procurement and deployment of 30,000 solar units to the hinterland areas, employing Indigenous rangers, giving free housing loans to the Indigenous people, free cement, low interest rates for loans, increase in pensions and welfare benefits, 8% minimum salary increases, bonus for the disciplined forces, increase in salaries for various medical and disciplined categories, etc.
The PPP/C Government’s neighbourly friendship allowed Guyana to be the international forum to showcase many agriculture, housing and tourist fairs for the Caribbean, affording many Heads of Government to visit and participate in these activities. Guyana also chaired many international meetings and conferences globally, all because of the respect for President Ali and the pace at which the country is developing. Guyana has earned some US$750 million in carbon credits from the preservation of its forests.
The gas industry will commence its building stage next year, along with a new Demerara Bridge.
While embracing democracy, freedom of speech and movement, safety, justice and the rule of law, resilience to climate change, women’s development, child protection and a host of equitable well-being for Guyanese at large, the United Nations has scored Guyana with an SDG global rank of 104 out of 156.
Peace was promised by the PPP/C party during their 2020 election campaign. President Dr Irfaan Ali has stuck to his words and delivered the essence of truth, honesty and integrity in his propagation for the love, respect and unity of this nation with the theme “One Guyana.”
His “Men On Mission” enshrines his conscientious effort to revamp, replenish and reconstruct answers and solutions to be implemented to resolve social issues affecting society throughout Guyana. His meet the people tour ensures that he acquaints himself personally with the ground root problems facing the man in the street.
President Ali extends a handshake to all Guyanese, regardless of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. He socialises in all sports, all religious events, weddings, birthday parties, educational gatherings, political platforms, Private and Public Sector engagements, and in any event which necessitates his personal intervention for his own satisfaction.
President Ali is indeed a man who wants the best for Guyana and Guyanese, so that they may enjoy the coming new year with more peace, progress, prosperity and happiness. Do enjoy, with a smile, a safe, healthy, blooming and joyous new year, Guyana.

Yours respectfully,
Jai Lall