Prison officers complete training in Prison Management, Human Rights among other courses

Aimed at promoting greater efficacy within the Guyana prison system, an additional 114 officers graduated from various courses over the past three days.
The ranks were trained by internal and external facilitators, and among the completed courses were: Prison Management, Human Rights and Supervisory Management.

(Seated from right): Staff Welfare Officer Grace Roberts, Director of Prisons Nicklon Elliot and Deputy Director of Prisons and Head of the Staff Training Department Kevin Pilgrim with another batch of officers

Additionally, 45 officers attained ABE-endorsed certificates.
At the graduation ceremony held at the National Racquet Centre, Director of Prisons Nicklon Elliot disclosed that “Based on the current budgetary allocations for training, same has been utilised to ensure that staff are exposed to not only institutional training but at the technical level so that they can offer more support and guidance to prisoners.”
He also mentioned that training is important, so prison staff are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitude to perform their duties well, and with respect for the rights and dignity of the inmates.
“Prison work is complex and required a variety of skills, hence training is therefore part of developing and maintaining a skilled, motivated and committed prison staff workforce,” Elliot opined.
Finally, he encouraged the officers to share their knowledge and insight gained with their colleagues in order to enhance prison management and the internationally accepted norms for managing inmates in a correctional facility.

Head of the Prison Service Training Board Tracy Shamshudeen and Deputy Director of Prisons and Head of the Staff Training Department Kevin Pilgrim with some of the officers

However, in congratulating the officers, Head of the Prison Service Training Board, Tracy Shamshudeen said the Board is working simultaneously with the Prison Directorate where management structures are being devised to continuously encourage officers to capitalise on training opportunities available locally, regionally or internationally.
Meanwhile, Deputy Director of Prisons and Head of the Staff Training Department, Kevin Pilgrim added “Beyond that, the programmes foster numerous other beneficial skills and behaviours.
It promotes the ability to critically analyse arising and existing problems and proactively find creative solutions. It advocates self-confidence, taking responsibility, speaking clearly and effectively, working in a team, critically assessing information, and sharing ideas in an engaging and persuasive manner.”
For the year thus far, some 250 ranks have been trained from 19 completed courses. Additionally, 275 ranks have been identified for further training for the second half of the year.