PSC, Joint Services’ “Operation Clean-Up” kicks off today

The Joint Services in collaboration with the Private Sector and combined agencies will conduct a massive two-day clean-up exercise in several areas around Georgetown over the weekend. The exercise will commence at 06:00h on both days.

A heap of garbage in Georgetown

The exercise, dubbed “Operation Clean-Up”, will see the cleaning of illegal dumpsites, fencing vacant lots being used for illegal dumping, transporting the garbage collected to landfills, and the weeding and raking of parapets in 13 communities.
This is the first of many exercises which will be held in other parts of the country. Moreover, accumulated garbage will be removed in the following areas: Sussex Street, West Front Road, Brickdam & High Street, Broad, and Saffon Streets, Cemetery Road, Hadfield Street, East La Penitence Market, High and Princes Streets, Campbellville, Newtown area, D’Urban and Smyth Streets.
Alternate locations have also been identified based on the progress of the initial list of areas as well as available resources and the number of volunteers.
Members of the public are encouraged to join in these efforts aimed at keeping the surroundings clean. The coordinating point is D’Urban Park and teams will then fan out to the various areas.
President Dr Irfaan Ali had announced in his New Year’s message that his Government intends to lead a national resurgence of sustained public cleanliness that promotes environmental health across the country, which goes hand in hand with the rapid developmental transformation already taking place.
Guyana’s transformational agenda also focuses heavily on achieving a restoration of national pride and patriotism, even as the country coalesces towards a singular identity.