Public Procurement Commission conducts best practices training

The Public Procurement Commission (PPC), the regulatory body for public procurement in Guyana, recently conducted three virtual training workshops for procuring entities on procurement planning.
A total of 90 persons representing 57 procuring entities attended.
The training sessions were designed to emphasise the best practices and importance of procurement planning, provide tips to effectively monitor the implementation of procurement programmes, and explain the functionalities of the PPC’s procurement monitoring software that was launched in 2020.
The software, which allows procuring entities to upload their procurement plans, revise them as necessary and keep track of contract award and procurement expenditure, was particularly welcomed by participants. The annual training plan of the PPC prioritises sessions on procurement planning and the use of the procurement monitoring software.
The PPC said it would continue to engage procuring entities and provide the necessary support to ensure compliance by procuring entities in accordance with Section 4. 11A of the Procurement (Amendment) Act 2019. Therein, it states, “Every procuring entity shall submit that entity’s procurement plans to the Public Procurement Commission for the fiscal year covered in the National Budget within three weeks after the National Budget is approved.” (G1)