Questions for the President or Prime Minister

Dear Editor,
I addressed my letter to the President or Prime Minister because I was not sure under whose portfolio my issue lies. My concern has to do with two State agencies – the National Communication Network (NCN) and the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA). I have noticed that both agencies lost their CEOs quite a while ago, but somehow the responsibilities for managing the organisations appear to have been shifted to the chairmen of the respective organisations. As far as I am aware, Boards are set up to guide the policy direction of organisations and to ensure accountability, efficiency and effective management. I am extremely concerned that these two gentlemen performing dual roles is not in the best interest of the organisations or the country by extension. Can anyone say who these gentlemen report to and who holds them accountable? I would also like to know when these positions are likely to be filled (I distinctly recall seeing ads in the local newspaper for a CEO of GNBA sometime last year) since it is prudent that these vacancies are filled immediately.
I end by also asking the question of when will the highly politicised vacancy of the General Manager for the Guyana Chronicle be filled?

Yours truly,
Peter Thom