Ramdhani gives back to younger players

Guyana’s number one ranked badminton player Narayan Ramdhani is currently on vacation from his scholarship programme; however, instead of spending his time lounging around, the young man has decided to lend his services to the Guyana Badminton Association for its badminton camp.

Ramdhani is assisting with teaching new skills, drills, and techniques to the younger generation of badminton players. Guyana Times Sport caught up with the star player and he shared a little bit about his role in the camp. “So it’s like helping the younger kids and other players to get better and like teaching them different strokes and better ways to hit the shots,” he said.
On a different note, he disclosed that he has been exposed to a higher level of training since he began his training in Canada some two years ago. “It’s been…, well, the training in Canada is much better. In Guyana, you have to wait on people or the courts are not available. But in Canada the courts are available for me to train; the players are better over there and the overall atmosphere for training is better.”
When asked about the level of competition, Ramdhani stated, “The level of competition is higher. We have good players in Guyana, but there’s more people over there to play with, so we’re not playing the same persons over and over again. It’s mostly aging players and they’re really good at badminton.”
Despite this, the young man noted that much else has not changed. He has stuck to his usual techniques; the only catch he stated is bettering those techniques. “It’s the same thing over and over again, but repetition makes everything perfect.”
Back in 2016, Ramdhani earned a five-year contract with Shuttlesport Badminton Academy located in Vancouver; the programme will be preparing him to compete in the 2020 Olympics.