Reading corner for health centres in region 6

In an effort to improve literacy and make visits to health centres in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) more accommodating, the Education Ministry, in collaboration with the Public Health Ministry, has established a reading corner at the New Amsterdam Family Health Centre.
On Monday, the Education Ministry, through its Region Six Literacy Coordinator,

Mothers and other residents perusing the reading material at the reading corner

Simone Dainty, launched the initiative.
According to Dainty, the goal of this pilot programme is to facilitate reading and promote literacy throughout Region Six.  She observed that the centres will provide mothers attending clinic appointments with an opportunity to read to their children, thereby fostering an appreciation for books from an early age.
Persons visiting the centres will be able to access books as well as educational tools such as puzzles, letter and number cards, and colouring books among other items for their toddlers and babies. There are plans to add reading materials for adults to the collection in the future.
Dainty stated that the Education Ministry would continue to visit the health centres to monitor the progression of the reading corner.
The Literacy Coordinator stated that similar projects would be established at other health facilities throughout East Berbice.