Reconstruction to commence soon

gafoorGafoors Houston Complex

following the blaze at the Gafoors Houston Complex on Monday which destroyed several sections of the shopping complex, plans are already underway to commence reconstruction of the building. According to the information received, works will commence immediately after the insurance company has completed its assessment of the damages and losses.

It has been noted that efforts to create temporary working facilities at the complex for some staff are already underway.

Meanwhile, the company on Wednesday commenced the relocation of workers to its other branches, in an effort to ensure that employees are not direly affected by the fire.

The calamitous fire left over 530 employees with questions as to whether or not they would have to seek alternative employment but the company’s Executive Chairman, Sattaur Gafoor, after the meeting with the workers as well as the company’s Board members on Wednesday, came to a decision that the employees who live within close proximity of the Parika, East Bank Essequibo; and Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara branches would be temporarily relocated to those locations.

Gafoor had announced that those workers who were directly affected by the blaze and those that would not be relocated will be given 50 per cent of their salaries during the period that they would be off the job.