Recount and final declaration could be completed by June 11 – Ali

The national recount of votes cast in the March 2 polls and a final declaration of the results can be done by June 11, 2020.

PPP/C’s Presidential Candidate, Dr Irfaan Ali

This is the view expressed by People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Presidential Candidate, Dr Irfaan Ali, who on Thursday, during a virtual presentation, detailed that the target could be met using the “minimal average of what is currently being achieved” in relation to the ongoing recount at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC).
The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is expected to make crucial decisions soon as it relates to the completion of the electoral process, more particularly, the end-date for the recount of ballots and the declaration of the final results.
At the moment, sources have indicated that there is a June 16th timeline that is being floated for the completion of the recount and a declaration of the results, but Ali is adamant that “this timeframe is too long” and could be “cut short” considering the fact that it is close to three months now since Guyanese went to the polls.
Ali explained that the June 16 deadline floating around would mean that GECOM would be given a whopping 20 additional days to complete the recount exercise and make a declaration.
“This is puzzling; it is our view that this timeframe is too long,” Ali said.
“If we continue to do an average of 80 boxes per day, then it would take us 12 days to complete this exercise,” Ali said.
“So, if we take 12 days to complete the recount, why GECOM needs eight more days to have a declaration?” Ali questioned.
He explained that 12 days for the completion of the recount and an additional three days for preparation of the necessary reports and official declarations would add up to 15 days – taking the process to finality on June 11.
Meanwhile, Ali once again lamented the fact that Region Four, which has 57 per cent of the remaining ballot boxes to be recounted, is being starved of resources to get the task done. He related that this concern was raised with the Commission and the Party was hoping that a solution would be found soon.
As of Thursday, the recount had been completed for Regions One, Two, Three, Five and Seven. The outstanding regions are Four, Six, Eight, Nine and 10, which got underway on Thursday.