Region 10 RDC donates cricket gear to Ituni CDC

The Community Development Council (CDC) of Ituni, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) was the recipient of a significant donation made by the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region 10. The donation, made during the holding of the February statutory meeting, saw Ituni CDC’s Chairman Kurt Murphy receiving the cricket gear from Chairman of the Education Committee, Denise Belgrave.
In his remarks to the Council, Regional Chairman Renis Morian said he will continue the path taken by his RDC since 2015, which is contributing significantly to youth and sport development. He pointed out that as Regional Chairman, his responsibility is to the entire 6555 square miles of residents in Region 10, and not just those within Linden. “Those who know me would know that I continue to mention that Linden is not Region 10 and as the Regional Chairman, it is my responsibility to support and assist everyone, irrespective of race, colour, creed and political affiliation. We are not interested in who they support or what are their views about the Council. Once we receive a request and the Council can fund it, we would because they are part of this region, therefore we will continue to support them,” Regional Chairman Morian said.
He revealed to the regional Councillors that over the past few week he has already supported groups in Linden and Kwakwani and is happy to be assisting Ituni at this time. “There is a saying that says those who wait last shall receive the best and I am saying that Ituni is certainly receiving the best. As your Regional Chairman I will continue to reach out to communities because my mandate is to develop this region and together we will do it with our residents,” he declared.
Among the gear donated included bats, batting pads, wicketkeeping pads, wicketkeeping gloves, batting gloves and cricket balls. He urged the CDC Chairman to ensure that the gear are used properly, thus ensuring it lasts for a long time. He expressed excitement at being able to support the youths of Ituni, stressing that he wants the youths in the various communities to developing their talent.
Chairman of the Education Committee, Councillor Denise Belgrave said the donation was important in boosting the cricketing skills of the youths of Ituni and urged the Chairman to ensure that those cricketing skills are honed through the usage of the sport gear. She encouraged him to use the opportunity to get more youths involved, stressing that the talent that exists within the community can be further developed and boosted, bringing out national players at various levels.
“Through these gear it is our hope that the youths would utilise it to the point where the talent is enhanced and further developed, thus bringing cricketing glory to Region 10 as that is out mission,” Councillor Belgrave said. She urged outer communities within Region 10 to come forward and take advantage of the Regional Chairman’s offer of lending added support, declaring that the region is blessed to have a Regional Chairman in Renis Morian who is not only passionate and committed to youth development but who goes the extra mile to facilitate such.
Meanwhile, Kurt Murphy who revealed that he has been at the head of his community CDC for the past two years, expressed excitement and gratitude for the donation, noting that it would positively enhance the young men and women in sport development. He disclosed that owing to limited job offers within his community, many are forced to turn to logging, while others remain at home with nothing to do. “This donation will certainly go a very far way and we the people of Ituni are very happy because we can provide an option to the youths of Ituni,” he said.