Representation reminder

Dear Editor,
Ordinary men with extraordinary aspirations vie for leadership posts due to a plethora of reasons, but at the apex of it all, representation situates itself. Political representation requires that all and sundry assuming positions determined by an electoral process ensure that their respective constituents are catered to, and professionally so.
Being strategic, mature and focused are imperative characteristics of an elected official, but it appears that this memo was not distributed to a particular camp. A vast percentage of the Guyanese population continue to be shortchanged by not receiving the representation they had cast their ballots for.
Instead, this representation has taken the form of these extraordinary politicians somehow finding not only the time, but the gall to mock the Head of State for his modesty, which caused him to wear the same orange shirt on his back a few days in close succession.
Clearly, being tone deaf knows no bounds. Further, a newly minted M.P. found it appropriate to claim the development of a recently constructed Police station ought not be celebrated by the current Government, given that it ‘belongs’, according to him, to the recently ousted predecessor.
The list of this version of representation, or more so the lack there of, can be further exhausted, but I believe I speak for the entire population when I assert that better must come, and quickly at that.
The current political Opposition continues to put on display for the entire country that they are barely even qualified as a unit to oppose the current administration, as they are busy doing just that quite destructively within their own ranks.
The Irfaan Ali-led PPP Government displays daily that they are most equipped to pave a prosperous path that is representative of the collective dreams of Guyanese. The leadership on the other side of the assembly would do well to quickly regroup and embark on a vigorous civic engagement effort in order to represent as is required. Any success they may salvage depends on it.

Kadeem Gordon
Youth Activist