RHT Namilco Thunderbolt Flour, Albion in today’s long-awaited clash

BCB 2019 Elizabeth Styles Under-21 finals…

Powerhouse teams Albion and Rose Hall Town Namilco Thunderbolt Flour are slated to clash in the long-awaited 2019 finals of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) Elizabeth Styles Under-21 cricket match today, Saturday March 6, at the Area H Ground in Port Mourant.
The match, which commences at 9:30h, is expected to be highly competitive, as both teams are very strong on paper and there are lots of talented players in both teams.

Kelvin Umroa

BCB PRO Simon Naidu has said the tournament commenced in 2019 and the final match was set for play in March 2020, but onset of the COVID-19 pandemic had forced its postponement. After obtaining permission of the sponsor, the new date and venue was decided in consultation with the local representative.
The Rose Hall Town Namilco Thunderbolt team would be without the services of Captain Kevin Sinclair, who is on international duty with the West Indies. West Indies Under-19 player Kelvon Anderson would lead that team, being ably supported by Keith Simpson, Slyus Tyndall, Junior Sinclair, Mahendra Gopilall, Jeremy Sandia, Jonathan Rampersaud, Chanderpaul Govindan and Tyreese Sealey.
The Albion team would be led by former national youth player Adrian Sukwah, who is expected to be ably supported by players such as Sarwan Chaitnarine, Mahendra Chaitnarine, Gourav Ramesh, Kelvin Umroa, Antonio Fredricks and Jeetendra Autar.

Kevlon Anderson

BCB President Hilbert Foster has said there are 8 final matches to be played off from the suspended 2019/2020 season, and the BCB is seeking to play them off by the end of April because there are plans to host approximately 35 different tournaments in the 2021 season.
The 2021 under-21 tournament would start shortly after this current final has been played, and would be contested by approximately 20 teams in a knockout format.