RHTYSC launches 3rd edition of Youth Information booklet

In a continuing quest to assist in Berbice to fulfil their potential, the eight cricket teams of Guyana’s leading youth and sports organisation, the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club, M.S has officially launched the 3rd edition of their Youth Information booklet.
The booklet forms a part of the RHTYSC, M.S Massive Say No to Drugs, Suicide and Crime and Say yes to Life, Education and Sports Campaign. The 40 pages booklet was edited by Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster and published at the F and H Printery in Georgetown with sponsorship from the Edward B. Beharry Co. Ltd.
Club Secretary/CEO and Editor Hilbert Foster stated that the booklet would be distributed free of cost to schools, youth and sports organisation, NGO’s, Government Agencies, Berbice University of Guyana Campus, religious organisations among others.
The Magazine, Foster stated was researched and produced by the RHTYSC teams and it’s Educational Committee. The booklet includes articles on a wide range of topics of interest to youths and sportsmen/women including General Sports Etiquette, A sportsman as an Ambassador, How to behave during a public ceremony, Importance of education for sportsmen, The Importance of Reading, Do’s and Don’ts on Facebook and Manners at School for Students.
The booklet also features articles on Drug Abuse, Importance of Education for youths, HIV/Aids, Peer Pressure, Basic Public Manners, Public Speaking, Teenage Pregnancy and Pre-Marital Sex, Basic Advice for Teenage females, Choosing friends, Respect to your elders, Personal Hygiene and appearance, Manners in the Classroom and How to handle a job interview.
In an effort to educate youths on Guyana, the booklet also features Facts about Guyana, Members of the Guyana Government, Facts about your country, the National Pledge and the National Anthem. Messages from the RHTYSC Secretary/CEO and Beharry’s Marketing Executive Anjulie Beharry-Strand along with a profile of the company are also included.
The long serving Secretary/CEO expressed confidence that the booklet would achieve all of its objectives of making a positive difference in the lives youths by getting them to avoid social ills that can affect their personal development and guiding them along the correct path to success. Guyana, Foster stated needs every one of its citizen to develop and cannot afford to lose any of its most precious asset, its youths.
The RHTYSC would like to express gratitude to the Management of Beharry’s especially Anjulie Beharry-Strand, Satesh Singh and Kamini Naresh, Gregory Rambarran of DTV-8 and F+H Printery Establishment. The eight teams involved in producing Guyana’s only youth information booklet are the Farfan and Mendes Under-15, Bakewell Under-17 and Second Division, Pepsi Under-19 and Intermediate, Metro Females and Gizmos & Gadgets Under-21 and First Division. Persons and organisations interested in obtaining a copy of the booklet can call 337-4562 or email [email protected].