Riots as protests… with boots on the ground

Well, well, well!! Is anyone surprised that during new Opposition-backed protests, riots broke out against Indian Guyanese on the East Coast yesterday?? Ever since Aug 2 – when David Granger decided he couldn’t stop the tide – wasn’t every issue that could be tweaked – or twisted!! – to suggest some link with the PPP the occasion for demanding “boots on the ground”?? By the Wild Men on social media platforms?? COVID shots?? BOOTS!!! School “because we care” money?? BOOTS!! Flood relief?? BOOTS!! House Lots?? BOOTS!! Development Grants?? BOOTS!! Unemployment Relief?? BOOTS!! And it went on ad nauseum…very NAUSEUM!!
When they didn’t get the response they wanted, they berated their audience for “betraying the cause”. And what “cause” was that?? To seize power by any means necessary, that’s what!! With BOOTS on the ground as the opening salvo to start a wider conflagration!! Rigging the elections? Ha!! That isn’t even considered a transgression!! Hadn’t Burnham normalised rigging to “level the playing field”?? And remember he’d used BOOTS to seize power in the first place. You gotta HAVE power to rig and STAY in power!! Except for the PPP, who’re now accused of rigging against the PNC (!!!) from outside!! Talk about taking their soiled bedsheet and rubbing it on others’ bamsies!!
So, all these calls used events that were merely the OCCASION for BOOTS, not the CAUSE for the BOOTS. The killing of young Bacchus by a Police rank was just another OCCASION for stirring the witches’ brew. Two weeks before poor Bacchus’s killing, wasn’t there an identical Police killing over in Ruimveldt?? Wasn’t there the same seeming lassitude in delivering justice?? So why not a call for justice then?? Aha!! THAT ingredient thrown into the witches’ cauldron wouldn’t have riled up the target community!! They didn’t want supporters of Singh rampaging through nearby Agricola, did they?? They’d remember when, after one such rampage, one COP had to have a talk with a Bannuh from the PNC!!
Anyhow, the social media provocateurs have now hit their goldmine. They’ve finally gotten their BOOTS protest that descended into anti-Indian violence – after playing on the raw emotions at Bacchus’s funeral. So, what’s next?? Well…for sure, they’ll continue to milk both the riots and aftermath. The rioters – they pointed out even before the dust settled on the beatings and lootings – were PLANTED by the PPP!! They’d thrown out this riposte once the marchers started out at Golden Grove!!
And obviously convinced Guyanese are a bunch of dolts, they insisted the protest was “spontaneous”, with them not leading. So, the masses of red shirts were pure coincidence, and not handed out for the occasion!! As was money and food!!
Shades of slow fyaah; mo’ fyaah!!

……to what (PNC) end??
But the question now arises…to what end are the boots-on-the-ground protests and riots? Especially as far as the PNC chances of getting back into power after their stint through the ballot boxes from 2015-2020. If it’s another bout of slow fyaah; mo fyaah, is it because they’ve given up on getting those 5000 votes that’s separating them from the PPP through elections?? If that’s so, it means these protests will have to be escalated in intensity and extent to bludgeon the PPP to demit office.
Because even if they get the PPP to truncate its term of office, as they did in 1998, they certainly won’t be able to translate their violence into votes for the PNC outside their constituency. Then again, they’re fixated on their concoction that the PPP was “installed” by the US. Do they really believe the Americans will encourage instability in Guyana now that one of the last oil plays is benefiting them??
So, what’s the plan, guys?? Just loosen anarchy??

…and the pain of the abused
As your Eyewitness has consistently affirmed, we gotta stand up against Police abuse of citizens’ rights, and sympathise with the abused.
But when the partisans of the abused now abuse other citizens, who sympathises with them??