Salesman nabbed with ganja at Itaballi checkpoint

A 44-year-old salesman of Church of God Road, Buxton, East Coast Demerara, was on Thursday evening arrested after a quantity of ganja and methamphetamine was discovered in his haversack at Itaballi Checkpoint, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).

The drugs that were found in in the haversack

Based on reports received, Police ranks intercepted a truck and instructed the occupants to disembark with their belongings. At the time, the occupants were the driver, the salesman and a porter.
During the operation, the police conducted a search on a camouflage haversack belonging to the salesman and the ganja and the methamphetamine were found hidden in a multicoloured hammock.
As such, he was told of the offence, cautioned and admitted ownership of the drugs. He was escorted to the Bartica Police Station where he the ganja was weighed and amounted to 791 grams.
The methamphetamine was also weighed and amounted to 26 grams. The police have since instituted charges against the salesman.
It was also reported on Thursday that a 25-year-old truck porter was arrested after a quantity of ganja and cocaine were found in a bag belonging to him.
The ganja reportedly weighed 1.877 kilograms and was in four wrapped parcels while the cocaine, which weighed 7.6 grams, was stored in small transparent plastic bags.
Police stated that ranks intercepted a truck at Itaballi with three occupants – the driver and two porters.
However, Police conducted a search on the truck during which they found a bag containing the bulky packages. Upon investigation, the police were told that the bag belonged to the 25-year-old porter, who subsequently claimed ownership.
As such, he was told of the offence, cautioned, and arrested. The illegal drugs were seized as Police proceed to institute charges.