Second, third phases of $14M markets repairs start next week

Phases Two and Three of the $14 million rehabilitation works being executed on the Albouystown and East Ruimveldt markets respectively are to begin next week.
Coordinator, Engineering Services at the Local Government and Regional Development Ministry, Naeem Khan told the Department of Public Information that the Ministry will also rehabilitate the vendors’ stalls at the East Ruimveldt Market. However, these works will not be completed by year-end.

Coordinator, Engineering Services at the Local Government and Regional Development Ministry Naeem Khan

“We intend to have vendors go back into these markets to vend because most of these markets’ capacity is less than 50 per cent occupancy and less in the Albouystown Market,” Khan is quoted by DPI as saying.
The East Ruimveldt Market, located on Vlissengen Road and the East Ruimveldt Front Road, was built by the City Council in 1978. It once housed approximately 200 vending stalls, three public restrooms and a City Constabulary office.
In 2016, repairs to the main entrance of the market commenced, which allowed for easier access to vehicular traffic. It also benefitted from a major road project along with revetment in 2019, budgeted at $39.5 million. The main entrance to the market was paved and the four inner lanes were also done.
With regard to the Albouystown Market, Khan said the Ministry will rehabilitate both the internal and external drainage systems after vendors reported frequent flooding. Repairs will also be done on the roof.
“We will be fixing the front part of the market where persons are occupying right now to provide immediate relief for the short term. We will be using translucent plastic sheets to provide natural light as well as installing ventilation,” he said.
The City Constabulary office will also be enhanced with partitions to house other offices. Washroom facilities will also be built.
The works are being conducted under the Ministry’s community infrastructure improvement programme.