Semi-final and finale shifted

Guinness Cage Street Ball Championship

The semifinals and final of the highly competitive Guinness Cage Street ball has been rescheduled to Friday September 7 at the Haslington Market Tarmac, East Coast Demerara.

Teams will have to wait a little longer before renewing their rivalry

The news of the adjustment was revealed by Director of the tournament and Coordinator of Three Peat Promotions, Rawle Welsh.
“It is unfortunate that the matches had to be shifted from its initial date. We sincerely apologise to the fans that have supported us throughout the duration for the inconvenience. However, we now have a better opportunity to promote the matches and we are confident that the fans will come out and support the finale,” Welsh stated.
The conclusion of the tournament was initially scheduled for tonight with semifinal action between Broad Street and Uprising and Sparta Boss and Leopold Street with the winners advancing to the grand finale but just like the fans, the players will have to wait a little longer to get on the court.
Welch also added that, “We are expecting a mammoth turnout for two exciting matches. Uprising, the lone remaining entrant from the East Coast is expected to defend home turf against the experienced Broad Street unit in a match that will surely captivate the fans. On the other hand, the Sparta Boss and Leopold Street encounter is another chapter in their long standing rivalry, with the match a virtual final. Anyone on the night could prevail and feature in the championship match.”
The tournament’s intention is to forge integration among the participating communities in an effort to create a better understanding among its people.
Among the entities in support of the cause are: Banks DIH under its Guinness and Power Wine brands, Clarks footwear giants Chetsons, E- Networks Inc., KSM Investments, Yhip’s Bakery, Brass Aluminum & Cast Iron Foundry [BACIF], Ray’s Auto Sales, Insurance Brokers Guyana Limited [IGBL], Y.K. Investments, Trophy Stall, Express Shipping, Woodpecker Products, National Sports Commission, ‘C’ Division of the Guyana Police Force, Jai Signs & Auto Designs, Gaming Authority, Julius Variety Store and C & C Prestigious Styles.