Sense of desperation (Pt 1)

Dear Editor,
The PPP/C’s results at the recent Local Government Elections (LGE) bettered the Party’s already leading percentages achieved in 2016 and confirmed a significantly increased showing in citizens’ confidence. For the coalition Government, it has generated a sense of desperation in the already fractionalised camp, resulting in a set of extreme measures which are intended to camouflage the deep wounds they have inflicted on too many Guyanese citizens.
Since the May 2015 National and Regional Elections, leading coalition members signaled the obvious intent of seeing every leading Opposition Politician incarcerated. In fueling their self-poisoning vendetta, the leaders ignored the fact that the country had grown consecutively, by approximately 4 per cent over a period exceeding 10 years. They moved to wage a war, expending hundreds of millions in public funds in advancing extended forensic audits to satisfy personally orchestrated egos that had to be pleased with the hope that it could also discredit the PPP/C into oblivion.
Aside from a few grey areas, the audits largely served to strengthen the financial accountability record of the party. On the contrary however, the wide array of fraudulent misgivings and financial mismanagement orchestrated under the current coalition Government have become innumerable. Issues including the “unbelievable levels of proven corruption, exposed via, not only the Parliamentary Opposition, but also by the Auditor General’s Office and the Public Procurement Commission (PPC)”gives strong testimony.
Among the improprieties of prominence are the initial hiding and non-payment of the US$18 million Exxon signing bonus into the consolidated fund, the still to be finalised accounts for the D’urban Park fiasco and the dissipation of the country’s gold and foreign reserves. Coupled with that, is the loss of thousands of jobs; the decimation of the sugar sector; massive increases in the cost of living; and the imposition of hardships on the Guyanese people, via government policies, such as $60 billion in increased taxes measures.
The abuse of power in the eyes of the threatened and hungry has no color. Citizens impacted should not easily forget, and many have reacted naturally at the past LGE. The APNU was virtually liquidated and the AFC humiliated by the people demanding betterment for our communities and country.
The reactions from Government seems to be through the conjuring of another set of the tricks, aimed at tarnishing the good image of some PPP/C men and women of substance. We must not forget that the great Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Dr Cheddi Jagan were all imprisoned by the oppressive forces in their respective countries, and were all raised by the people to the position of Head of State.
The frivolous attacks on outstanding PPP/C leaders in an effort to tarnish the party’s image is tantamount to political persecution. These trumped up charges have been clandestinely appearing in the fourth year of Government to achieve a particular vendetta, as the charges brought earlier against many persecuted members of the party were thrown out proving they never should have been advanced in the first case. Why now?
The matter regarding Anil Nandlall against the backdrop of a letter of approval from the past President Donald Ramotar for the subject Law Books seeks to deflect attention. Given Mr. Nandlall’s vibrancy, irrational charge also targets a hopeful escape from the numerous embarrassments the coalition has had to face in light of their frequent constitutional abuse, unjust practices and less erudite Attorney General. The trumped up Irfan Ali charges suggests the re-valuation of all government issued house lots and an absolute abuse of the court system.

Neil Kumar