Several areas in Linden under water

… as inclement weather continues

Several areas in Linden were under water as the inclement weather pattern continues.
Notably, areas more prone to intense flooding such as Kara Kara, Central Mackenzie (including Republic Avenue and Greenheart Street), as well as Rainbow City appeared to be among some of the worse affected. Scores of people were stranded and several stalls at Republic Avenue and Greenheart Street were under water. The parking area at Republic Bank and the road along Pine Street were flooded and some people could be seen wading through the flood waters. A gentleman complained of not being able to access his car, which was parked along Greenheart Street, noting that he feared coming into contact with flood waters. Despite several attempts by the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LM&TC) over the years to construct drains in a fashion to prevent severe flooding, the situation has however remained the same.

Johnson's flood affected home
Johnson’s flood affected home

Speaking with this newspaper, Ulanda Johnson, a resident of Rainbow City complained of being tremendously affected by the flooding. She said her daughter ventured into the flood water of her home and was “shocked” by electricity. The woman who said she made calls to the LM&TC said her home was flooded as she’s “never seen before and it’s like nobody cares”. She said she was hit by two separate incidents of flooding at her home.. On the first occasion, the woman stated that her family managed to clean things up only for it to be flooded once more. She recorded massive damage to some items in her home including the vinyl and has blamed the situation on clogged drains in the area.
“We can’t use back the vinyl on the floor not even in the cupboards we can’t use anything because the water from everybody septic tank and everything come right here. I feel it’s the drains. If the drains keep clean and not just this drain that is on the road, the big (drain)”, Johnson related.
Meanwhile, Regional Chairman of Region 10 (Upper Demerara- Berbice) Renis Morian visited the Kara Kara area on Wednesday and spoke to residents there regarding the flood situation. Over the years, the community has been faced with severe flooding due to what residents have claimed to be the “negligence” of privately managed Chinese mining company Bosai Minerals Group Guyana Incorporated (BMGGI) in having sediments cleared from the drains situated there.
Residents are calling on the Government’s intervention as it relates to remedying the situation.