Significance of the CCCJ’s Ruling: PNC exposed!

Dear Editor,
Wednesday’s ruling by the CCJ in effect puts this ridiculous election petition case by the PNC to its final resting place; it is that simple. All along, we were confident that our final appellate court; that is, The Caribbean Court of Justice, would have done the right thing and thrown that petition out for good. Now that this hurdle is over, it would be interesting to know the real reason behind the PNC’s move to file a petition.
Why did they file a petition in the first place, when it was pellucid to all that the PPP/C had won the March 2020 Election? The votes, which are all that matters, clearly showed that the PPP/C won; there is no doubt about that!
So, we go back to the real reason for their petition, and one sees it all bound up in the fact that the PNC are bad losers, and they were not in the least about to accept defeat. Caught between a rock and a hard place, whether to accept defeat or do the disgraceful thing of trying every which way to legitimise a fraud, it became their obsession to get an overturn to the entire election altogether. This is the justification for their actions in that petition.
Therefore, they were all hell-bent on legitimising a fraud, where that declaration that puts the losers as winners is all that matters to them. This was exemplified in the 5 months we endured in frivolous lawsuits and counter suits vainly trying to prove them winners. But each attempt failed.
It further epitomises the PNC’s vulgar stunt to validate Mingo’s and Lowenfield’s fraudulent declarations. If this is not crass idiocy, then what is? We are engaged in a discussion where that party is desperately seeking the attention of a court – with its compromised judges, of course – to decide as to who wins an election. This is utter crap! But we are talking about a place called Guyana.
So, the sum total of it all is, should the CCJ rule that the local appellate court has jurisdiction in the matter, then the next logical thing would have been an overturn of the election results and the installment of the illegal PNC. This was their plan; this was their objective; this is the asininity that would have taken place.
I say this on the statement made by Roysdale Forde when the appellate court ruled that they had jurisdiction in election matters, he came out swinging that it means that the PPP/C must demit office. Forde made those foolish remarks knowing fully well that when a matter is taken over by the Appeal’s Court, that court being a higher court, in effect nullifies the decision made by the lower high court.
It meant that the crooked court – not the voter nor GECOM – would have been the sole arbiter of our election, this is what was steering us in the face. But thanks be to The Almighty, this evil and diabolical plan was shot down. Where do we go from here only time will tell, but what is clear is that the PNC is not going to give up in its relentless search for power. In this regard, we have to be ever vigilant, keeping our guard up always, as we look towards the future.

Neil Adams