Sins of vanity and hubris are laid bare for all to see

Dear Editor,
Alarm bells began to ring with Michael Ten-Pow, Guyana’s Ambassador to the UN, voted against the United States of America’s resolution to amend the Rights of the Child Convention. In so doing, Ten-Pow was acting converse to Guyana’s existing laws on this issue and also inimical to Guyana’s geopolitical interests (18/11/2019). Whispers were heard that Ten-Pow was actively seeking the Chair of the G77 and was willing to kowtow to Venezuelan demands (which included this vote) in furtherance of his (Ten-Pow’s) ambitions. Patriotic Guyanese throughout our Foreign Service began to warn the home office of the dangers inherent in Ten-Pow’s conduct. The Director-General of the Foreign Affairs Ministry wrote to David Granger to apprise him of this seemingly rogue conduct. Mrs Jardine-Waddell must have been shocked at what happened next.
The caretaker president responded to the concerns of the patriots with alacrity but not in the manner they hoped/expected. David Granger ordered the removal of Mrs Jardine-Waddell from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the recall of all diplomats (senior and Junior) who expressed dissent with Ambassador Ten-Pow’s actions. The at-all-costs campaign for the Chairmanship of the G77 has the full and unequivocal support of David Granger!
The Venezuelans have remained steadfast in their objection to Ten-Pow, in their letter to HE Mr Riyad H Mansour, Ambassador, Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine to the United Nations. Chair, Group of the 77 on the 22nd November, Venezuela stated: “I address Your Excellency, in your capacity as Chair of the Group of the 77 (G77) for the year 2019, in the opportunity of referring to the ambassadorial-level meeting held earlier this afternoon to address the question of the Chairmanship of the G77 for 2020…In this regard, I am obliged to, at the very outset, categorically reject your unilateral ruling on the ‘endorsement’ of the candidature of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana to the Chairmanship of the G77 for 2020”. The betrayal of our nation’s values and willingness to concede on aspects of the Border dispute have(thankfully) been in vain thus far.
Editor, the signs that titles, medals, awards, and ceremony are of utmost importance to David Granger have always been there; Granger’s willingness to kowtow to Venezuelan demands in furtherance of the Chairmanship of a UN Group (77) is a descent into depravity. We have betrayed our children on the Rights of the Child Amendment and our ally, the United States of America, in favour of an aggressive neighbour. The sins of vanity and hubris are laid bare for all to see.

Robin Singh