Some actions of the GCB are perplexing

Dear Editor,
It is nearly six years since I have exited the media; however, I have managed to stay abreast with current affairs, and though there has been a change in administration within the GCB, I still question the decisions made at that Regent Road, Georgetown office.
Lately, some of the GCB’s actions have left me perplexed, and I consider clarity in this respect of utmost importance, because I believe that dysfunction at any territorial board of Cricket West Indies contributes to poor performance by the regional board. Therefore, there must be accountability and/or detailed explanation to stakeholders and fans in regard to the daily operations of the GCB.
My queries can be considered in the same light as the case of the value-for-money audit wherein the GCB sought transparency in the financial operation of the Berbice Cricket Board. Such lucidity may not be convenient, but the GCB ought to answer why, as part of their development, the Upper Demerara Cricket Association received, in May 2022, gear to the value of $800,000, but could not complete the Demerara Cricket Board’s (DCB’s) tournament that is being used to select players to represent Demerara in the upcoming GCB inter-county under-16 competitions.
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Further, it is ironic that the Berbice Cricket Board is targeted for audit when the records show the BCB has been the main supplier of players to the national teams.
Additionally, the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) is the only association within the DCB that is actively coordinating and executing cricket development programmes and tournaments.
And despite Georgetown’s dominance, no technical personnel from the GCA has been appointed to coach any Demerara youth team, although the GCA have won all inter-association tournaments held by the DCB.

Sincerely concerned
Delvon McEwan