“Staan easy” better than “beg pardon”

For once, Satiricus wasn’t looking forward to his nightly sojourn at the Back Street Bar. Actually, he didn’t want to face Bungi, his cane-cutter buddy on account of how he’d harassed the poor fellow the night before. It had to do with the EU’s claim that they’d given $348 billion to the sugar industry since they cut prices. As he ambled over slowly, that last gyaaf flashed through his head.
“Bungi, why do you keep supporting the PPCEE?” Satiricus had demanded. “Look how your leader Jagdesh took all that money yet didn’t spend it on saving the sugar industry!” Even though he tried, Satiricus hadn’t been able to keep the gloating out of his voice. He’d been “tantalised” too much by Hari and Bungi for the betrayals of his leaders Nagga Man and Rum Jhaat. Now it was his turn and Satiricus had smirked, “Payback’s a bitch!!”
Bungi, who’d lost his job, when his estate was closed, was crestfallen. He was loyal to his party, but his jobless status had created some doubts in his mind. “Bai, wha’ dem man do wid all da money?” he’d asked plaintively.
“Do?” asked Satiricus dramatically. “They could’ve rebuilt all seven factories, with that $348 billion!! With enough left over to give every sugar worker $1 million!” he’d added with a flourish.
“But Jagdesh did say he never got that much money, you know, Sato,” Hari had pointed out placatingly as he looked at the downcast Bungi.
“Ha!” Satiricus had snickered so hard, he had almost sucked in his beer through his nose! “You think those European people does lie?” Both Hari and Bungi had remained quiet.
Now that he reached the back table where his friends were already seated with their beers, Satiricus looked at Bungi and said contritely, “I’m sorry for blaming your leader.”
Bungi looked at him and grinned, “Nah tell me, budday!! All bady does tell lie!! But me a wait fuh yuh leadah tell Jagdesh dem sarry!!’