Stay safe while we wait

Dear Editor,
I know some people are getting impatient while waiting on the Government and the Ministry of Health to get the shipment of vaccines so they can have their second shots and boost their immune system response further against the COVID-19 virus.
And while that’s understandable, I believe the safest thing to do while we wait, is to continue taking measures to protect ourselves.
Don’t become complacent. Don’t blame the Government. Don’t listen to Harmon or the Opposition’s dubious claims. Just wait quietly.
I say so because I too am waiting on the second dose of the Sputnik V to be fully immunised.
The guidelines and regulations are still in force.  You still need to practice social distancing and wear your masks properly when in public places. Do not forget to wash and sanitise your hands.
And you need to be familiar with the time that you have to wait.
The Sinopharm vaccine’s first dose lasts for 21-28 days until the second dose while the Sputnik V vaccines can provide coverage for 4-12 weeks until the second dose is available. The AstraZeneca is 4-12 weeks at most.
This information is according to the Ministry of Health and the health officials dealing with the COVID-19 vaccines and process.
I want this vaccine disparity to end and the global shortage to be eliminated. I believe the Government is working, in overdrive, to get us the shots we need.
Keep reading and you will know when the vaccine comes to Guyana. Be safe!

Yours truly,
Baldeo Mathura