Teen allegedly beaten by Police

…suffers broken jaw, several missing teeth

A teenager was on Friday admitted a patient at a city hospital after he was allegedly beaten by police ranks on patrol in the vicinity of America Street, Georgetown.

The injured teen Shamar Tanner

Shamar Tanner, 19, remains a patient of a city hospital nursing a broken jaw, several missing teeth and other injuries.
According to the teen’s relatives, the incident occurred at about 19:00h on America Street. The relative noted that the teen saw the police on patrol and ran away after he knew he had a “joint” (a quantity of marijuana) in his possession.
“He had a joint on he and he was going to light it and then he see the police and start to run and then they start chasing he,” the relative claimed.
Tanner’s relative related that as he was being beaten, the police ranks kept asking him “where is the weed?”
When contacted, Commander of A Division Marlon Chapman said he is aware of the incident and assured that the matter is currently under investigation.
“At this time, I would not discuss what happened but what I can say is that the matter is currently being investigated,” the Commander said.
Meanwhile, a source close to the investigation told this newspaper that the ranks on patrol have since submitted statements denying the beating.
The ranks, according to the source, claimed that a metal object was thrown at the teen by someone after he was being chased.
According to them, that was the reason for the injuries he sustained.