Teenagers admit to heinous crime

Professor’s murder

Hours after Guyanese-born American Professor Perry Mars was found dead in his Prashad Nagar, Georgetown, home, gagged and tied to a chair, the police have arrested six teenagers – four boys and two girls for the gruesome murder.

Upon arrest they were found with a sum of cash, a laptop computer, an I-phone and a play station. The six youngsters were reportedly arrested in the Campbellville and Sophia areas and have been positively identified by eyewitnesses who saw them on Thursday evening removing suitcases from the now dead man’s home and placing them in a car.

Police have confirmed that none of the teenagers are older than 18. From reports, the now dead man would normally help the same group of teenagers. They would visit the home and take on jobs of cleaning the yard andprofessor washing his vehicles. He also assisted them with food items sometimes.

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum when contacted told Guyana Times that five of the teenagers including a female have given the police statements that detailed the actual robbery and murder. He noted that the sixth teen only received stolen items.

Based on reports, the mastermind of the episode is a 17-year-old girl, who frequented the man’s house and who resides in close proximity.

On the day of the incident, she reportedly phoned her boyfriend and informed him that the professor would be at home alone and that it was an opportune time to commit the robbery.

The boyfriend, according to their statement, agreed and picked up a few friends and went to Prashad Nagar. While there, they met with the mastermind and planned the robbery. The girl then walked to the man’s house and upon seeing her, he opened the door and let her in. As she entered, she left the door ajar.

The others then entered Mars’ home and attacked him. First they reportedly duct taped his hand and feet and tied him to a chair after which one of them strangled him since he would have seen their faces.House

The suspects then collected a sum of cash and other valuables and left the premises.

Professor Mars, 75, of Lot 395 Bissessar Avenue, Prashad Nagar, was discovered by his wife in his study at about 19:00h on the evening. The house was ransacked and several articles and cash were missing.

Guyana Times understands that Mars’ spouse, who works with the Legal Aid Clinic, spent most of Thursday out of town and upon return she made the gruesome discovery. She immediately contacted the police who cordoned off the area and launched an investigation.

The now dead professor studied history at the University of Guyana and Carelton University in Ottawa, Canada, and went on to work at Africana Studies at Wayne State University, Michigan, USA.

He has been also credited with developing an international academic exchange project between Africana Studies, the College of Urban Labor and Metropolitan Affairs, and the University of Guyana.