The city has a different atmosphere

Dear Editor,
President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, Dr Irfaan Ali, and Prime Minister Brigadier Mark Phillips, over the weekend led several senior Government officials and members of the Joint Services, the Private Sector and several other agencies on a two-day clean-up exercise of the capital, Georgetown. There was also support from the various diplomatic missions, to whom we are all grateful.
This exercise was initiated by the President, and came after residents of Georgetown have repeatedly voiced their concerns about the poor management of the capital city under the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Change stewardship. The city of Georgetown is controlled by the Georgetown Mayor and City Council. The APNU+AFC City Council is seemingly under political directive from the People’s National Congress Reform, which has opposed the clean-up and has urged residents, their supporters and their various controlled NDCs not to participate. This was hardly the case, as the people of Georgetown fully supported the cleanup initiative, even in the PNC- dominated strongholds.
This goes to show our people are now enlightened as to who has their interest at heart.
This continuous trend of divisive, selfish and irresponsible politics being practised by the PNC/APNU/AFC is unacceptable.
Most of the residents of Georgetown are fully appreciative of this initiative, which sought to beautify their environment whilst removing the health hazards that affect them. After taking a simple walk around the city today, this letter writer is pleased with the work that has been done. Pride has been restored to Georgetown, our beloved capital. The city itself has a different atmosphere altogether. Congratulations are in order.

Thomas Cole