The Leader of the Opposition talks before he thinks… poor soul! 

Dear Editor,
When Aubrey Norton got trapped in a sidebar with Vice President Jagdeo he blurted out that he was in receipt of the winning SoPs of the March 2020 elections, however, when he realised that he would be hard-pressed to prove that gaff, he quickly changed his story by saying he has the Statement of Observation or SOO to prove it.
So, Mr Norton was right when he spoke, but how “right” is he before a civilised audience is left to be seen.
The problem with Norton is that the nature of the man has caused him to – as the proverbial saying goes – put his foot in his mouth, because in no way, shape, or form an election is decided on a Statement of Observation (SOO). He has to take that backwardness someplace else!
But even if we are to take Mr Norton’s word for it and view the Statement of Observation, we are directed to that statement by all the observers both local and international who concluded that Election 2020 was free fair and successful. So the drivel Mr Norton is peddling has to be discarded forthwith.
What the Opposition Leader is attempting to do is to keep his supporters in a stupor that they can in a court of law, present a “Statement of Observation” and somehow win the election on a technicality.

Neil Adams