The PNC-led coalition has dug its own grave

Dear Editor,
The removal of the $10,000 per school-aged child grant and the closure of the sugar estates and the non-payment of their severance one year after, had disastrous effects in those communities, hurting Guyanese from all walks of life.
In either scenario, the Government was the digger of its own grave because you cannot deliberately hurt those two major groups and expect to remain in office. No, never! Common sense dictates that this kind of behaviour would not have been tolerated for any length of time, and quite frankly, three and a half years is more than enough time for such foolishness to prevail.
This Government has left deep scars that cannot be healed in both communities. They promised a “good life” but have given pure hell these past years, with Guyanese suffering immensely. Where is the “good life” the people are asking? When would this good life shine on us?
Guyanese from all walks of life have watched their fortunes plummet while the ones they voted into office are just living it up with their ill-gotten wealth. This was too much to bear and most of us just want them out. So when Charrandas Persaud made that decision to switch allegiance and set his conscience free, he was just echoing the sentiments of most of his countrymen.
Guyanese single-parents who have to manage large households on a shoe-string budget would not be convinced by this Government’s shenanigans of a “good life”. Many of these households presently living below the poverty line openly said that they could hardly wait to see the backs of these corrupt elements they placed in office.
I know of one such family living in the squatting area in Berbice, who reacted immediately upon the announcement of the withdrawal of that subsidy/income. His precarious position is the harsh reality of a father with nine children to care for.
The $90,000 he got from the People’s Progressive Party/Civic Government has gone. What could he do? Well, picture his reaction to such inhumane treatment from a Government he supported over the years, with no bars holding back, he blurted out “aah leh dem guh… we punish too lang under dem.”
These and other similar sentiments echoed and re-echoed all across Guyana. So, as much as the tyrannical People’s National Congress (PNC)-led coalition was stunned by that successful no-confidence vote, it came as no surprise to (I can safely say for all of us) who saw this as a welcome relief from the burdens of dictators. It was as if a great burden was lifted off of us.
For the unilateral, politically appointed puppet Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) for office and President Granger must, I repeat, must adhere to the Constitution which stipulates that he chooses one from the list of 18 persons furnished by the Leader of the Opposition.
And with good reason, Justice James Patterson cannot and again I repeat, cannot be a competent or ‘fit and proper’ person to hold such a hard and demanding position as an Elections Commission Chairman, he is just the wrong person.
Even of greater importance is the fact that for anyone to hold such a fractious and volatile position takes more than a degree in the legal profession, it takes grit, determination and an impartial understanding of our political climate; something this ailing octogenarian greatly lacks. This handpicked political appointee who was placed there to carry out the nefarious rigging orders of his party, cannot be trusted to be at the helm of our electoral machinery.
Further to our discourse is the behind the scenes actions of the PNC-led coalition, they are not going to go in a fair and peaceful manner. First-hand information coming to us is that massive money transfers are being undertaken at the Finance Ministry, while at the same time volumes of documents are being shredded so as to leave no paper trail when they demit office.
So, as much as Charrandas Persaud has left us, the road to a peaceful and progressive life ahead, that objective would not be achieved unless that road is paved with all the trappings of fairness and transparency in the next general election. I say this with deep commitment for and love for my country.
The fact is that the legacy left by Persaud would all be in vain if we allow the PNC to “control” the next election. For our country to breathe again and for us to be rid of the PNC, we have to take the struggle to another level; that is, the appointment of a fair and impartial GECOM Chairman. I rest my case.

Neil Adams