P&P throws support behind steel shooting challenge

Sport shooters will get their calendar of events started early for the 2019 year, as the Guyana Sport Shooting Federation (GSSF) gears up for the P&P Insurance steel shooting challenge. In the coming weeks, Guyana’s shooters will gather at the firing line, showcasing their expertise for a chance at the spoils.
P&P Insurance Brokers and Consultants Ltd has been onboard this tournament and many others, in collaboration with the sport shooting fraternity for quite some years. Now, the Insurance brokers have stated that they are elated to be a part of the action and will continue to do so in coming years.
“We have again dedicated our sponsorship and support to the shooting tournament of the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation,” P&P Executive Director

GSSF Secretary Andy Phang receives the sponsorship cheque from a P&P Insurance representative

Vikash Panday stated.
Panday went on to declare his confidence in the sport shooting federation, noting that he expected a well-organised competition.
“We have been doing this for quite a number of years. I know the Foundation well and we are happy to pledge our support to make this event a success and we hope that this event is carried out well, which I am sure it will,” Panday stated.
Panday not only pledged his continued support to the sport shooting fraternity, but also to other sports around the country.
On Thursday afternoon, the P&P Insurance Brokers and Consultants Ltd had the pleasure of handing over their sponsorship cheque to the GSSF and it was happily received by Secretary Andy Phang.
“The Guyana Sport Shooting Federation and I, we’re happy to be here. On behalf of the directors, we’d like to thank the P&P Insurance Brokers for supporting us in 2019 yet again, like they did in 2018 and years before then. Thank you very much,” Phang stated on the GSSF’s behalf.