The use of UN Security Council is not optional and should not be delayed!

Dear Editor,
The recent press conference held by the President to address several issues including the current conflict with Venezuela was both informative and disappointing. Although the President is trusting in the ICJ process and working closely with strategic and development partners in addressing the current conflict, it is imperative that the conflict also be brought to the UN Security Council for a resolution as soon as possible. Not doing so could result in a perception that the current Administration is willing to break its alliance with the US and its allies. We must also avoid the perception that the major parties are reverting to their non-capitalist (Communist and Socialist) ways by avoiding a serious commitment against Venezuela and their allies (Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, and Turkey).
Some of whom are members of the Security Council. China is currently in a conflict over Taiwan and Russia is in an armed conflict for territory in Ukraine. Like Venezuela, these two permanent members of the UN Security Council also do not recognise the jurisdiction of the ICJ. Venezuela is about to carry out what China is preparing to do and what Russia is doing.
We must not be naive in thinking that what we saw at the ICJ was not very serious. We all remember and will never forget the videos shown of the President of Venezuela and his military. When speaking on the upcoming referendum he screamed to the people of Venezuela, “Jamas, Jamas, Jamas!”, which is pronounced Hamas and means Never. He was telling them that he would never give up Essequibo. There was also the video of his military troops saying, “An el combat”, which means “to the combat”. They are resolute and committed to going to combat over Essequibo. They are also building a military logistics airport to aid them in their pursuit of conquering Essequibo. We must remember that war is filled with deception. They prepare to invade while saying that they do not want war. Actions speak louder than words.
We must prepare for military operations at the border. The only deterrent to the military of Venezuela and its allies is a stronger military force. For this very reason, we must allow the United States and their allies to make military preparations at the border with the GDF. For those who may be thinking of religious conviction as a reason for breaking away from our current allies, we must not allow the pitfalls of religious belief to change our current course of economic development. The UN Security Council is also the place where concerns over the conflict between the Israelites and the Palestinians/Philistines should be addressed.
There is no business or concern more important than that of our sovereign Nation. The Venezuelans are preparing to take our wealth and would prefer to see us impoverished. They are planning to take away the oil and other natural resources that are both on and offshore Essequibo. As a member of the UN Security Council, we must use this forum to bring forth the key issues that we believe are currently a serious threat to global peace. The conflict with Venezuela is such a threat. It not only concerns Guyana, but more importantly it concerns the peace of the Region and the security of the United States.
As Guyana continues to aspire to global leadership, we must use this opportunity to be stewards of peace and allow for a discussion at the UN Security Council on the current conflict with Venezuela to help us and our allies gauge the receptiveness of a peaceful resolution to the conflict and respect for the ruling of the ICJ. It will also open the door to a broader discussion on sovereignty, which may help bring an end to the current conflicts and wars around the world that are also rooted in territorial integrity.
We must not hesitate to use the UN Security Council to prevent armed conflict that could result in its very members taking up arms against each other.

Jamil Changlee