Our lawmen need to be ever vigilant, ever on the alert!

Dear Editor,
The statement was made soon after that infamous group of persons were charged with fraud and attempting to rig the 2020 Election, that statement ran thus, “there would be no trial of any such individuals, and even if there is a trial then you gon see what gon happen.” It was an expletive laden statement found on the Facebook pages of one of the usual suspects.
Now, dwelling on the first part of that statement is a foregone conclusion, that is, the rigging crew would be tried, there is no doubt about that. To the second part, “you gon see wha gon happen” is what I would like to address. Is there a move on to derail the trial and subsequent punishment of the accused? I think there is, and as such we have to take immediate action to thwart their plans.
Ironically, similar sentiments were expressed by Trump’s rigging media, however, all of this came to no avail, because they were tried and just punishments applied. In the Guyana situation, it will be no different, those who are to be tried, will be tried and the appropriate punishments for their crimes would apply.
From experience, we have learnt that when such statements are made, there is some sinister plot is on the cards. When that statement was made after the notorious prison break, we saw what took place – a period of killings – which was politically motivated and which had the potential to destabilise this country.
Guyana was rocked by untold horrors such as the Lusignan and Bartica Massacres, other instances where our armed forces were killed. Then, should we ask ourselves the question, are we to witness a repeat of this? Well, I think not, and this is dependent on us to be on the alert at all times. I call on our lawmen to be ever vigilant, be on guard to avert whatever the threat that is at hand.
In the Fineman rampage, these were in a group who were clearly misguided, persons who were of the mistaken belief that they can take on the Police and be successful at it. That did not happen, and there is no reason why they can get away with it now. There are still remnants of that misguided lot around, some brainwashed political stooges whose sole intent is to make trouble, but my advice to them is to think twice before they get themselves into something they, nor their enablers can get them out of.
Again, I say, during the Fineman rampage, their enablers supported them with “guns and training for the revolution.” Are we witnessing an enabling mob in the diaspora who are arming them with arms and ammunition? Then why are we witnessing an influx of guns with matching ammunition clandestinely shipped in gift barrels? In recent weeks there have been two instances of such shipments turning up at our ports, it only behoves us that some plot is in progress and our security forces need to get to the bottom of it.
In closing, I would say there is reason for us to believe these statements for what there are worth. These statements cannot be taken lightly nor can they be brushed aside as idle talk, because past experiences have taught us so much. Our real enemies might be right here in our midst.

Neil Adams