There are no more excuses for inaction

Dear Editor,
Over the coming weeks, the international community will be subjected to numerous Guyanese voices pleading for swift and decisive actions to ensure Guyana remains a democratic State. It is now clear that left to his own devices, President Granger will not act in ‘good faith’; only pressure will bring about a change in approach, so, why are so many of us asking for international interventions? Surely this is an internal affair for the people of the nation to resolve.
Make no mistake, the people will not abdicate their struggle to others, we will use every legal right enshrined in our Constitution to fight for our democracy; no avenue will be left unexplored, however, as righteous a struggle as it may be, there are other possible consequences that I (and others) hope can be avoided.
Guyanese are well aware of the measures dictators employ to hold onto ‘power’, on Saturday, July 13, the Minister of Public Security appeared on television in Berbice to remind viewers that Government has “what it takes” to ensure the stability and security if faced with protest and/or strike action.
Guyana’s early history has been one of racial violence. During the years immediately prior to independence and for over two decades afterwards, Guyanese were constantly separated by a Machiavellian Forbes Burnham. Divide and rule was a mantra for his Government. As his control grew, the need for violence subsided and Burnham ruled by fear and then there were the occasional suspicious deaths and/or murders; Father Bernard Darke, Education Minister Vincent Teekah and Dr Walter Rodney were among the victims. Guyana has emerged from these constant racial confrontations and is in a period close to harmony. Younger people cannot fathom the animosities of the past returning, but the constant reminders from political actors, who seek to stir dying embers, persist. The fear of those bursting into flames is the main reason we seek international assistance in our national affairs. We know all too well that damage done on one day of hasty action takes generations to repair.
There are no more excuses for inaction from nations, entities and persons that care about democracy, about Guyana and her people. We will be looking at those who lend aid to our struggle and those who are willing to just stand there and watch us burn.

Robin Singh

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