Time and history are on the side of those prepared to follow rule of law

Dear Editor,
Guyana, today, is a house divided because politicians are waging a war for the survival of democracy. One party, the PNC/R, is certainly not playing by the rule of law and with some success, they have been allowed by the custodians of the law to get away with this abhorrent behaviour. The PNC/R has been successful at delaying the elections by six months, using the court system, along with heavy doses of subterfuge and deception. This trickery continues.
Today, Mr Keith Lowenfield and his team have embarked upon a process, using an expired ruling from an expired Chairman who was appointed by a “flawed” appointment process. On both previous occasions that I am aware that Guyana had a House-to-House Registration (H2H) process, it took 18 months and to sell the idea that it can be done in 6 months is just plain underhand.
Even if Mr Lowenfield puts 30,000 enumerators on the ground, he and I both know it is impossible to deliver a clean voters’ list by December 25, 2019, using the H2H process. One can only now hope that the new GECOM Chairperson – who was not appointed by a “flawed” process – will self-correct the wayward ways of GECOM swiftly and put this organisation back on the legitimate path by adhering to the rule of law as advised by the CCJ.
But what Mr David Granger is doing has brought out into the open what we all have known for years. His Party (the PNC/R) is exclusively focused on advancing the cause of a group of an urban elites that cares very little for the working class, especially those in the rural communities. The rest of the nation is even lower down in the chain of importance.
This elite cabal of PNC “upper crust” is prepared to suppress the rest of the nation using any means necessary and this situation was brought out in the open when the caretaker Attorney General made his speech at the AmCham debates. His statement as quoted in the press “‘Well, y’all go, go to the election’, because the consequences would be dire”.
That statement among some others he made at that forum brought back bitter memories of the “MO FIYA, SLOW FIYA” period that was launched by the PNC/R leadership against Guyana in the 1990s. This is the same old PNC, their modus operandi is simple, bamboozle the nation into submission and plunder the Treasury.
Think of this, one minister brought in a vehicle that has a calculated duty of over G$60 million? That is more than the salary that he has earned from his job in the last 4 years.
But this was no different from what the PNC did in 1992 when they were transitioning out of office after losing those elections. Their scorch-Earth strategy is the same. They slash and burn every part of the Treasury, wantonly leaving nothing standing after they have left.
This is the time to all remain calm and vigilant. This is the time for sharing of information on social media so that the world can tighten the noose around those who are prepared to break the rule of law to advance their unrighteous cause. Time and history are on the side of those who are prepared to follow the rule of law but unfortunately, they have their head so deeply buried in the miasma that they cannot see that their end is near.

Sasenarine Singh,
MSc Finance, ACCA