Unity and social cohesion

Dear Editor,

50 years on and those that seek to divide the people through political means continue to win victories, the failure to allocate seating to the PPP Members of Parliament is not an isolated act or accident of planning, it was a well calculated move designed to elicit knee-jerk reactions from both sides of the political divide. It was an inexcusable act of sabotage against our Nation.

Our President has done a good job of appealing for unity and social cohesion, his sincerity is now under serious question and his future actions will be regarded with askance as all else he has planned fails.

Social Cohesion is undoubtedly needed and must be given serious attention. The current Minister of Social Cohesion must resign over her failure at the most basic of tasks. I would humbly suggest that the President consider the appointment of a younger person with greater inter-personal skills, serious intellect, integrity, unbridled energy and unquestionable cohesive credentials.

Attorney James Bond would suit this portfolio and I have no doubt the appointment of someone such as Bond would be well received by all sides of the political coin and more importantly, the people of Guyana who yearn to live in a less divisive country.

The Golden Arrowhead waves magnificently, her colours vibrant for all to see, dear President; it is time for us to see yours.


Robin Singh