Valuable resource of the Diaspora

The decision to host a job fair specifically targeting Guyanese expatriates in New York is not just strategic but visionary as Guyana currently stands at a pivotal moment as it is poised for growth and development, with its sights set on harnessing the talent and potential of its Diaspora. It signifies a concerted effort to tap into a valuable resource – the skills, experiences, and connections of Guyanese living abroad – to propel the nation forward.
The Diaspora, particularly in cities like New York, represents a significant reservoir of human capital. These are individuals who have gained expertise in diverse fields ranging from finance and technology to healthcare and education. Many have excelled in their respective professions, bringing with them not only knowledge but also networks that could prove invaluable for Guyana’s economic and social progress.
Hosting a job fair in New York serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it signals to the Diaspora that Guyana is committed to creating opportunities for them to contribute meaningfully to the country’s development. This proactive outreach fosters a sense of belonging and engagement among Guyanese abroad, encouraging them to consider returning home to work or invest in their homeland.
Secondly, such initiatives are crucial for addressing brain drain – the phenomenon where skilled individuals leave their home countries for better opportunities elsewhere. By showcasing job prospects, entrepreneurial ventures, and investment opportunities, Guyana can entice its Diaspora to consider returning, thereby reversing the brain drain and leveraging their skills for national benefit.
Moreover, a job fair provides a platform for networking and collaboration between Guyanese expatriates and local businesses, educational institutions, and Government agencies. It facilitates knowledge transfer, innovation exchange, and partnerships that can spur economic growth and enhance competitiveness across various sectors.
Critically, initiatives like the job fair in New York underscore Guyana’s commitment to inclusive development. They demonstrate a proactive approach to ensuring that economic growth benefits all Guyanese, whether they reside within the country or abroad. By harnessing the Diaspora’s potential, Guyana not only strengthens its workforce but also enriches its cultural fabric and enhances its global connections.
If one can recall, earlier this year, President Dr Irfaan Ali, during a visit to Brooklyn, New York, had lauded the Diaspora successes in the United States in areas such as health care and education and the willingness to work alongside the government to promote a future of enhanced inclusivity and massive development in Guyana.
He said: “You are an important part of our future. You are an important part of building a stronger Guyana. You are an important part of building prosperity in every home.”
At another forum, speaking about the importance of the Diaspora, the Head of State had said: “We are also keen on transforming the brain drain into brain gain. The technology now exists to also tap into our highly-skilled Diaspora. The Diaspora possesses the skills and expertise that are needed for the modernisation of our economy. We hope to be able to use ICT to be able to make greater use of the wealth of skills available within the Diaspora including in providing educational and health services.”
Of course, hosting a successful job fair is just the beginning. It must be backed by sustained efforts to create an enabling environment for returning expatriates, including supportive policies, infrastructure development, and social integration initiatives. Government and Private Sector collaboration will be essential to providing the necessary incentives and support systems to facilitate smooth transitions and maximise the impact of returning Guyanese talent.
The decision to host a job fair for Guyanese Diaspora in New York is a forward-thinking move that recognises the Diaspora as a strategic asset rather than a loss. It signifies a commitment to harnessing talent, fostering innovation, and building a stronger Guyana.