Repeating …the same mistake?

Waaay back when it was launched, the AFC leadership’s motley triune – drawn from the PNC (Trotman); PPP (Ramjattan) and WPA (Holder) – promised they’d be a “swing vote” in Parliament. They’d concluded that neither of the big guns showed themselves capable of looking beyond their holding office to “do the right thing”!  So they’d vote either with the PPP or the PNC – depending where they stood “for the good of Guyana” on the issue at hand. The “good of the country” was gonna be their talisman and guide! Quite a few persons choked up at that happy prospect – a few tears might’ve even been shed – and  even more voted for them in the 2006 elections.
They’d gone in with the PNC fella Trotman as their presidential candidate and picked up 5 seats –  mostly drained from the moribund  PNC – which leader Corbin just couldn’t jump-start. Maybe Trotman leaving the PNC ‘cause he couldn’t move past Corbin had something to do with it?!! But once in Parliament, the wankers never voted even once with the PPP!! The PPP really didn’t have a single good initiative between 2006 and 2011??
In 2011, they put the PPP fella Ramjattan as their presidential candidate – even as Corbin did a makeover with the PNC by selecting an outsider PNCite – Granger – as the PNC leader and corralled some pipsqueak parties to form APNU.  It worked, the PNC’s haemorrhage was stopped and the PPP lost some supporters – who’d become jaded. But still no voting with the PPP – and even nixed the AFHEP along with the APNU – which the neutral Norwegians endorsed as the best thing for Guyana since plait bread!!
And having cuddled up with PNC/APNU over AFHEP, it wasn’t no surprise there was a Valentine’s Day engagement in 2015 – with a Prenup called the Cummingsburg Accord. It promised a wedding dowry of 40% Ministries and the Prime Ministership after the coming elections. They swore there wasn’t no issue they agreed on with the PPP. Well, old people say all smart flies does end up on cow’s backside – and the AFC ended up being nothing more than PNC/APNU’s  post-2015 doormats and toilet paper.
They were tossed out on their ears in 2020 – as we all know – and right now are trying to do a makeover à la Corbin’s 2011 PNC makeover!! But rather than bringing in an outsider as Corbin did, they dumped the ex-PPP Ramjattan; brought back the ex-PNC Trotman and an ex-Chairman, Nigel Hughes. But maybe that move is understandable: not learning from their (bitter) experience of going into a coalition with the PNC/APNU, they’re now committed to repeating  the move!!
What’d they say about doin’ the same thing and expecting different results?

…in France?
A lot of folks on the liberal left are breathing a sigh of relief after the votes in France came in with the left parties not just defeating Macron  but holding off the right wing Le Pen after their first round showing!!  But your Eyewitness isn’t so sure they have much to celebrate. Forget all the headlines claiming that Le Pen’s “populist” wings were clipped. First of all, the people she and her father represent are nothing more than racists and fascists in the classic European mould.
And what Marine Le Pen’s done is to reinforce that the Right is doggedly increasing their share of the vote – now 143 seats compared with the Left’s 182 and Macron’s centrists’ 163.  Imagine extreme right wingers getting more than one-third of the votes in the country that brought us “Liberty! Equality! and Fraternity!!”
France now has a hung parliament – which could end up in gridlock even as Europe is grappling with a resurgent Russia and its Ukraine war!!

…climate warning
Here we are heading into August and we’re still getting “May-June” rains. With Beryl arriving a full month ahead of the hurricane schedule, are there still some who doubt we’re in the throes of massive climate change??