Victimised electrical company

Dear Editor,
Please permit me space in your newspaper to vent my frustration with the current situation in Guyana as it relates to the award of contracts.
The company I work for and also a co-owner, over the past few months, has been under tremendous strain because of the way these matters have been handled by the Tender Board and the various Ministries of Government. My company has won a few contracts in the national competitive bidding process, but was not awarded.
We primary do most of the work in the electrical department; work is being handed down to a particular company even though they were not the lowest evaluated bid. We have written to the Government on this issue and were told it was a Tender Board matter. We contacted the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board through written communication and never received a reply.
Editor, this situation is becoming more frustrating. We have a workforce of 32 employees and were recently forced to lay off five. The other electrical company enjoys the good grace of this current Administration and all the various Ministries, electrical works are being done by this company without tenders. How can we encourage foreign investors when gross irregularities such as contract awards like this happen every day? This only affects the nation as a whole since only a select few are favoured but the Administration.

Micheal Persaud