…and spiteful political vendetta
The action by SOCU to arrest and take Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo to their Headquarters is nothing more than a mean and bitter move by the Government to embarrass the former President. Just look at the headline of the State-owned Chronic’s headline – “Jagdeo hauled in”. They may think they’re scoring points to counter the gains Jagdeo and the PPP have reaped as their ineptitude continues to pile up worse than the Mandela Avenue garbage dump site.
But not only are they staining our reputation in the international community – from a purely political standpoint, they’re bringing down the curtains on any hope they may have of neutralising the PPP’s constituency. Wankers!! The news that Jagdeo and several other PPP officials and others had been “arrested” spread like wildfire across the coast in their demographic – and the reaction was one of anger. After the Government’s hysterical claims of Jagdeo and the PPP siphoning off “billions and billions” from the public Treasury, this was the best charge they could bring? Buying land at below market value? That’s what every one of those supporters drool about!! They know the value of land or property’s always a subjective thing.
The devious political nature of the operation was revealed when a week ago Khemraj Ramjattan – unable to contain his spite and envy towards his erstwhile PPP colleagues – opened his big mouth and story jump out!! As a Minister, he shouldn’t be playing an operational role in Police actions – yet he announced gleefully that “some PPP big ones would be hauled in”. He could barely keep from rubbing his hands together!
Why else but political connivance, direction and interference would he know about a SOCU operation when Asst David Ramnarine – to whom SOCU should be reporting operationally – was only told about it AFTERWARDS?? But what else is new when it comes to SOCU – or SARA for that matter? Their existence is now all about “Get PPP!!!” Who can forget the first SOCU operation when they tried to pull a James Bond stunt which resulted in the tragic deaths of two young people??
It is this Eyewitness’ conviction that this SOCU caper will end even more tragically – but this time for the mean and petty political players pulling the strings from behind their transparent curtains. Just as all their gambits have backfired and even their own supporters are pi55ed at them, when they come out of this big hullabaloo with nothing more than their empty hands, they’ll be exposed for the nasty, petty and hollow men they are.
“Vengeance is mine!” the people will say at the voting booth.

…and spiteful greed
When in Opposition, APNU and AFC never made its hostility to the owner of the NEW GPC INC a secret – just because the fella supported the previous Administration. But a rational person would think, when they got into power, they wouldn’t spite the largest supplier of pharmaceuticals to the public health sector, would they? That’d be cutting Guyanese sick-people’s noses to spite its political face.
But that’s exactly what they did!! We all know of the infamous Albuoystown bottom-house rented at SIX TIMES the state-of-the-art NEW GPC warehouse!! But the spite didn’t stop there. They scrapped the World-Bank designed pre-qualification system where local firms had to match the international giants – just because NEW GPC came out ahead. But even in the free-for-all bidding, when NEW GPC came out ahead the Govt then scrapped 4 out of 5 bids!! Never mind poor people couldn’t get aspirins in hospitals across the country.
But now it’s all revealed. In the “emergency” THEY created, they gave a $600 million pharma contract to Trini ANSA McAL !!
No bids…just plain thiefin!

Is there any surprise the US Human Rights Report 2016 found corruption and discrimination the biggest transgressions of the Government? “There remained a widespread public perception of corruption involving officials at all levels,” it said.
You can’t fool all the people all the time.

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