Voluntary business closure/stay at home

Dear Editor,
We wish to humbly suggest to all non-essential businesses to close for an initial period of 14 days being the COVID-19 incubation period, so as to fight the spread of this new and deadly virus.
However, our isolation will only be effective if we all close at the same time and stay at home to have the greatest impact, as seen in other countries
Our nation needs direction and guidance at this time and I trust the power of the media
to assist in calling for this urgent and timely response to a virus no one was prepared to deal with.
The sooner businesses and individuals start this stay at home initiative, the better it will be for all of our health and safety, but it must be done together and at the same time.
We are well aware of the negative economic effects the closure will have on an already ailing country coupled with the current political impasse, but the cost of losing the lives of family and friends can never be quantified.
We urge all businesses and individuals to strongly consider a nationwide voluntary closure and stay at home, possibly starting April 1 to 15. It is hoped that the closure and isolation will have a definite and positive impact on reducing the spread across the country.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours faithfully,
John Lewis