…for the foot to fall
Some folks are begging to wonder if the US is becoming a “toothless poodle”. How it is, they’ve extended themselves to get into action in places from Timbuktu to Kabul to protect “the American Way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, and yet right in their backyard they’ve allowed themselves to be reduced to supplicants to even have their citizens fly out?? What’s going on?
We know the PNC’s hopping mad that the US has spoken out against their blatant heist of the elections they were trying to pull in front of the eyes of the world. But what the heck, isn’t it their fault? Jeez! They could’ve at least given the people some wriggle room! Deniability and all that. When Burnham had horses in England voting for the PNC in 1968, at least they were given names that were on their overseas voters’ list! And NOT SECRETARIAT!
Now I hope that no one will get on their high horse and preach about “sovereignty” and “non-interference” and such like. As the US Ambassador told one smug Government-aligned Facebook hack, if the same actions and utterances by the US back in 2015 that ended up with the PNC-as-APNU getting into office were kosher, why are they suddenly non-kosher now?? If it’s one thing the US has been quite open about is that while their foreign policy goals are obviously to protect and further their interests, they have been very open about what those interests are.
It used to be ideological back in the day when Jagan and Burnham were duking it out as to who was the Menshevik and who was the Bolshevik, but those days are long gone. So, what’s left? Well, there’s strategic and economic interests as well as democratic values. Now when it comes to picking between the PNC and PPP it’s a toss-up when it comes to the first two – especially with regards to Venezuela and Exxon’s oil. And so we’re left with democratic values.
And it’s the PNC that’s chosen to shoot itself in the foot by not only destroying the multi-racial coalition the former US Ambassador had praised them for (and helped craft, if the truth be told, right Raphael and Ramjattan?), but have now stuck the Yanks in the eyes with this rigging schtick. And we’re back to the spunks the PNC is manifesting as they defy the US.
Your Eyewitness believes that it is first of all a case of them deciding that they have nothing to lose. And secondly, having benefitted from the US’ beneficence in 2015 their self-contempt is spilling over onto the Yanks. Like Groucho’s quip, “I won’t join a club that’ll have me as a member!”

…on Granger’s perception
The media was all agog with Granger’s oft repeated insistence – after his royal reception by GECOM at on Sunday: “I will follow whatever the Chair of GECOM rules after this recount”. As he went on for the umpteenth time, your Eyewitness thought, “Methinks he doth protest too much”. And lo and behold, the last iteration of his “promise” came with a caveat, which was his final word: “Once it’s in conformity with the Constitution”.
And that’s what he’s always been doing, isn’t it?? They say that the word “but” is an “eraser word”, since it nullifies everything that precedes. “You’re pretty, but your nose is too big”!! And with Granger, “Constitution” is his eraser word. The moment he qualified his promise to accept the result of the recount with “conformity with the Constitution”, you know he was going to weasel out.
Not only will he find some technicality to resort to the Courts, but he himself has announced that all the courts have is their perception of the law.
And he has his!! Which trumps all!

…for the end of the recount
The NCTF mountain of Joseph Harmon strained mightily and produced just two more counting stations!!
So, now the count MIGHT be completed by July.
If permitted!!