War break…

…in the PNC
They say “the more things change, the more they remain the same”. Burnham, whose inferiority complex made him “show off” his “learning” to boost his ego, would ostentatiously insist on saying it in the original French, “plus ça change, plus c’ est la même chose”! He never saw the irony of using the affectations of the colonial “masters” to prove his worth! Anyhow, your Eyewitness was reminded of the saying when he read that declaration of war circulating in the PNC camp against David Granger’s leadership (or lack thereof).
Reminded him of Winston Jordan’s shrill outburst in front of the faithful at Bartica – with Moses Nagamootoo in olive army fatigues at his side: “From today, comrades, it’s WAR BREAK!” Well, this time the Philippic declaring war was directed internally, and good thing too! The Bartica diatribe didn’t end well for the PNC, since the PPP – targets of that War Break – whupped them so soundly they couldn’t even be sent to bed!
Not a good portent for getting the Sanctimonious Gangster out!
Now, dear reader, don’t tell your Eyewitness you haven’t seen the last that was put on Granger by “Concerned Supporters”. Basically, it says, “It is time for you to go! There is no role for you in the shaping of the future of the People’s National Congress. You lack the political imagination, the strategic thinking and more importantly, you are incapable of considering any ideas other than your own. It is clear that the litany of failures you produced as leader of the People’s National Congress and as President of the Cooperative Republic and your craven, conceited effort to continue to squat on the leadership of the party are a clear and present danger to the continued existence of the party as a viable, respected political organization.” It continues in that vein for another 400+words! BRUTAL!
Now these sentiments have been expressed by (even) your no-PNC-skin-in-the-game Eyewitness, who yesterday pointed out the need for a solid opposition to sustain a vibrant democracy. But he’s a tad disappointed that the Concerned PNCites didn’t have the courage of their conviction to put their names to the polemic. That would’ve indicated that there are folks prepared to stand up for their PNC. Right now, all they’ve done is to convince Granger that the best his critics can do is to snap impotently at his heels.
What your Eyewitness will advise (gratuitously!) is that if the PNC faithful want to change their leadership based on his objectionable, undemocratic, and in fact autocratic leadership, they can’t do it in an undemocratic manner.
They’ll have to demonstrate the new political culture they want to introduce, in their actions.

…in Parliament
We don’t need Winston Jordan to remind us that it’s been “War Break” in the National Assembly, waged by the PNC from the moment the Assembly convened. ‘Cause by then the Sanctimonious Gangster had already crippled the old guard, like Chairwoman Volda Lawrence, by simply not selecting them as MPs! Even Jordan – who was brought in from the paradigmatically nondescript Budget Office back room – wasn’t all owed back!! Clearly, Granger, as an old military man, hadn’t learnt from Napoleon that fighting a war on two fronts can be fatal!
So, the wet-behind-the-ears PNC neophytes were let loose in Parliament to take on the PPP, who had more prudently selected a rather balanced list of old heads and new hands. And to no one’s surprise, it was like Sugar Ray doling out some serious damage to Roberto Duran – without the PNC MPs knowing they could plead “No mas! No mas!”
Yes…we need a new leader of the PNC; but so, too, we need new representatives!

…on COVID-19
Competition isn’t just good for business, but politics. No sooner had India donated 80,000 of its AstraZeneca vaccines to us than China’s head honcho called up President Ali.
Offering to up the 20,000 shots of their SinoPharm.