War Break…

…in PNC!
Remember “War Break?” If you didn’t from your childhood days, you certainly should’ve remembered Winston Jordan of the PNC – with Moses Nagamootoo in olive army-like gear at his side on the campaign stage in Bartica – yelled out “War Break!” against the PPP! You’d guess that the cry signals the beginning of a war on all fronts! That particular war, of course, didn’t end too well for the PNC – they were expelled from office even after their ridiculous rigging attempt!
But this new “War Break” has broken out INSIDE the PNC – and directly related to that prior, suggests that maybe when it comes to the PNC, they’re always in a state of war! “Perpetual War”! Seems that all the “shade”, sniping, and “throw talk” against Granger that your humble Eyewitness has been reporting on for months has now escalated into open hostilities. From being the saviour of the PNC after their decades in the wilderness after 1992, he’s suddenly become persona non grata. How quickly the (political) world can turn!!
After a host of wannabe leaders raised their hands to replace him, Granger broke his seclusion to ask a simple question: Who was it that turned around the PNC’s fortunes in 2011 and 2015?? Not able to rebut the import of that assertion, the challengers changed their tack: Granger’s leadership style now became their target. His Greta Garbo-like reclusiveness suddenly became a sign of his disjunct with “the people”! But since when was Granger ever a “hail-fella-well-met” kinda guy?
Ditto to the charges by anonymous members of the PNC’s Central Executive that he acted “unilaterally” when he accepted the two new single-person parties that appeared full blown from his machinations! Where were these paragons of democratic virtue when Granger unilaterally appointed James Patterson as GECOM Chair? And that wasn’t breaching a PARTY constitution, but Guyana’s!
The challengers are also bitching that he’s dragging out the party’s leadership elections and trying to rig the outcome! Hello!!! Wasn’t this what Granger did after the NCM following the PNC’s Congress, in which gunshots and walkouts reigned?
The point is: these PNC leadership aspirants want to eat their cake and have it too when it comes to practising democracy. All the prior breaches by Granger were okay when the “image” of the party needed rehabilitating, but now that he’s lost power, they place all the blame on Granger. The PNC lost power because these same complainers ALLOWED Granger to destroy the multiracial facade of the coalition, and they shouldn’t be surprised that the entire edifice fell down.
Like Humpty Dumpty, all the PNC men and all the PNC (work) horses won’t be able to put the PNC together again!!

…on serious crimes?
As you, dear readers, would know, your Eyewitness has a serious problem with Police statistics. As a meticulous peruser of the newspapers, he gets a feel of the crime situation in Guyana almost first hand – and certainly contemporaneously. But whenever the Police issue their biannual crime reports, he invariably gets the feeling that it was massaged so diligently that the numbers have lost whatever tensions they originally intrinsically possessed!
Take the latest one just released. The Police say that “Serious crimes are down 18.7%”, but in the same breath admit “rape still a challenge” with a 70% increase!! So, isn’t rape a “serious crime”? In your Eyewitness’s book, rape is about as serious as murder, since, with the latter, while the person’s life is snuffed out, rape victims have to live with that most violent and invasive violation of their bodies for the rest of their lives.
And then there was the claim that “Robbery-under-arms” was down 36%
So how about robbery-on-motor-cycles?

…in South Africa
Sadly, the looting and arson continue unabated in South Africa – more specifically in KwaZuluNatal. Soon food will be running out, and one wonders what benefit was gained, since over 1.5 million jobs have been lost – mostly in the Zulu community.